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Ingredient Trends Plant protein applications evolving The use of almonds, soy, jackfruit and algae are showing up in new products and concepts rotein remains a popular nutrient among consumers. Its association with physical fitness, satiety and as a key component in a nutritious diet is driving consumers to seek it in a variety of product applications. The product development efforts have led to a broadening in the use of animal-based proteins and to innovation around the use of plant proteins. As the market continues to evolve it is becoming apparent it may be large enough to accommodate a variety of protein sources and plant proteins are emerging as a competitive ingredient. "Plant protein is definitely trending for a variety of reasons," said Tom Vierhile, innovation insights director for Canadean, Fairport, N.Y. "For one, animal-based protein is coming under increasing fire, with the World Health Organization P February 9, 2016 issuing its recent warning that processed meat causes cancer and upping the projected risk of processed meat. "Animal-based protein sources also have issues with antibiotics and growth hormones. Friends of the Earth recently issued a report that graded operators of 25 of America's largest fast-food and fast-casual restaurants. They found that only 5 of the 25 restaurants evaluated for their use of antibiotics in meat and poultry products received a passing grade." Innovation also is being driven by changing attitudes toward protein, said Mr. Vierhile. A 2014 consumer survey conducted by Canadean found an increasing appeal for vegan and vegetarian diets, especially among younger consumers in the United States. Among consumers in the 25-34-year-old age group, 12% said "vegan" or "vegetarian" best described their daily diet. For consumers aged 45-54, just 3% followed a vegan or vegetarian diet, a percentage that dropped to just 1% for those consumers 65 years of age and over. "The motivation for going vegan or vegetarian is what should really concern animalbased protein producers," Mr. Vierhile said. "Among those 25-34-year-old consumers, 42% said that 'vegetarian/vegan food simply tastes better than meat' when asked to evaluate which statement described why they were vegan or vegetarian. That response beat other options like 'eating animals is cruel,' 'eating meat is unhealthy,' or 'I am vegetarian or vegan for religious or cultural reasons.' "To put their response in perspective, 28% of consumers of all ages said 'vegetarian/vegan food simply tastes better than meat.' Younger consumers are literally developing a taste for plant proteins." The emerging taste preference for plant-based protein sources seems to be guiding new product Jackfruit is a plant protein useful in the production of a meatless pulledpork type of an application. innovation in such categories as meat substitutes, yogurt, milk and milk alternatives, pasta, and snacks. It is also manifesting itself in the emergence of nascent restaurant chains that only feature plant and plant protein ingredients on the menu. Such businesses include San Diegobased Plant Power Fast Food, Veggie Grill, Santa Monica, Calif., and Native Foods Cafe, Los Angeles. "There has been a tremendous acceleration of people self-identifying as vegan," said Bob Goldberg, chief executive officer of Follow Your Heart, Canoga Park, Calif., a manufacturer of vegan food products. "For people of my generation, it was far out to be a vegetarian. Not so much today compared to how it was even a decade ago. Today, a lot of younger people don't understand being a vegetarian. They go straight to being a vegan for all of the reasons people choose to do that, whether it is compassion for animals, about the environment or because of health." Almond, jackfruit and soy As an indication of how plant protein ingredients are trending, Mr. Vierhile referenced FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® 27

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Food Business News - February 9, 2016
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Food Business News - February 9, 2016