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Classifieds Equipment Employment CONTROL SYSTEMS ~ OSI ~ Optimum Search, Inc. Excellence in Food Industry Executive Recruitment Check our listings for plant/project engineers, plant operations, QA, R&D, sales, marketing and purchasing positions on our web site. Recipe-controlled. IQ/OQ. CIP/SIP. Fast design/install. Reliable support. Scan to learn more & get a free quote. Tim Oliver 770-760-7661 Try our mobile app: Ingredients 1-866-797-2660 (7  FOODBUSINESS NEWS FOODBUSINESS February 10, 2015 Digital Edition Check out the latest issue of Food Business News at! Dave Buergler 919-557-5773 NEWS, MARK MARKETS ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY move Hershey continues into snack categories Co.'s - The Hershey HERSHEY, PA. Pure Foods, Inc., acquisition of Krave meat snack a Sonoma, Calif.-basedsend a strong manufacturer, should food and bevof the signal to the rest - The confectionery erage industry about snacks. Once company is serious is complete, Hershey's the acquisition will y snack portfolio non-confectioner (to be dips, snack bars include spreads, brand), bean sold under the Brookside and jerky. curd (in China) almost every"What we see happening, how optimistic about where, and I'm very is that snacking 12 this plays to our strengths, Continued on Page Colorful ways to quench a thirst hydration, maybe hough thirst and celebranutrition, and sometimes consumers to tion, may motivate color often influences drink a beverage, colors reassure selection. Appropriatebeverage will taste the the consumer that hues and discoloras described. Faded ation are unacceptable. iced tea to isoton"From cola to cognac, color additives real beer, ics, root beer to to the cial - contribute - natural or artifi said Jody Rennerconsumer's enjoyment," scientist with DDW Nantz, senior application Louisville, Ky. "There The Color House, 40 Continued on Page T AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD Inside ide d Target food reinve 's ntion ® NEWS, MARKETS AND PROCESSIN G INDUSTRY NEWS March 10, www.foodbusines Story Stor St oryy on P or Page agge is flying high 35 Fortify Fortif ifying ing bevera fill nnutritioonal ges to gaps fight Renewed school food n looming on the horizo Association on he School Nutrition Position Paper 2015 Jan. 29 issued its adwill organize its around which it the proCongress begins vocacy efforts as legislation to reauthorize cess of drafting ® H Story on Page 37 T 2015 MINNEAP OLIS - Target get out of Corp. wants the grocery to the food business business. b and into During corporate analyst meeting the retailer's executive on March s discussed 3, proach to an tthe company's overhauled aplion segmen segment. nearly $20 bil"At the h highest level, a strategic we have sshift and about and have begun made thinking th grocery, about food talking because beca versus groceries tional, and food is emotional are transacfoo ee Tesija, ," said Kathexecutive exe chief merchan vice-presi merchand dent and offi officer. ficer. er. "We've ising and supply chain spent the past six months Continued on Page 22 ,1*5(',(176&2532)$0(5,&$,1& 6SLFHV6HDVRQLQJV%%46DXFHV 0DULQDGHV /RZ0LQLPXPV6KRUW5XQV&XVWRP/DEHOLQJ $YDLODEOHLQ%XON%RWWOHV%DJV7LQV(WF 3URSULHWDU\%OHQGV:HPDNHLW(DV\ 3OHDVHYLVLWRXUZHEVLWH#ZZZPHPSKLQHW &DOO7ROO)UHH# The nutrition programs. will the nation's child indicated the S.N.A. position paper Obama Congress and the recontinue to urge modify requirements administration to of fruits and vegetables in lating to servings foods as contained and whole grain-rich Kids Act of 2010, the Healthy, Hunger-Free nutrition authorizing child the current law 30, 2015. expires on Sept. programs, which strong federal nutrition "S.N.A. supports calmeals, including standards for school to offer a greater orie caps and mandates fruits and vegetaof quantity and variety presMontague, S.N.A.'s bles," said Patricia "Howcer. offi executive ident and chief of AgU.S. Department ever, some of the under the law have riculture's regulations Continued on Page 28 ydrate and quench thirst traditiona - these lb beverage longer the traits primary selling are no p in the beverage points aisle. ais more and through tthe Consumers want fortifying ingredient innovative use of s in today's es, nutrition age category'smay be added to beveragthe beverFood and list of ttop traits. back to the beverage fortificatio early 193 n dates 1930s when cessors started adding vitamin dairy promilk to prevent D to fluid ricke rickets, a tating disease bone-debi urging exports that wa liwas prevalent time and of U.S. products linked to China are a deficiency at the a realized to "too true" "dream come in much of the Continued Con a good thing" processor for U.S. agricultur on Page 48 China is s, but the e and food may not last. the a word tural exports, top market for of caution dream comes with U.S. claiming along the surpassin 18% of the agricullines of g Japan and shipments to Canada, total and the European Mexico, five. From Union in a supplier the top ed States also leads standpoint, the Unitthe to China, with Brazil world in shipments tantly by second, followed Australia, disand Argentina Canada, New Zealand . As the top supplier products of agricultur to China, counted for 24% of the United States al China's agricultur acports in 2012-13 and al imbeans and ranked No. other oilseeds 1 in soyimports (36% for of China's meat (25%), the category), cotton cereal grains (30%), (42%), cattle Continued on Page 30 U.S. exports cautious 'dreto China a am' S Auction More News. More Data. More Insight. 74 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® April 19, 2016

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Food Business News - April 19, 2016
Fresh, authentic a focus for Unilever
Clash over child nutrition programs may lie ahead
Dairy Business News - Dairy flavors grow ever more creative
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Editorial - Growth of organic category suggests still greater attention ahead
Monogram Foods acquires appetizer company
‘Premiumization’ opportunities abound
Preferred Popcorn picks up organic popcorn maker
Wal-Mart to transition to cage-free eggs by 2025
AdvancePierre Foods files for i.p.o.
Dr Pepper Snapple increases sports nutrition stake
Hormel Foods launches clean label effort
Identifying the X-factor in food startups
Food service operators betting big on buns
ConAgra Foods earnings reflect focus on execution
Mondelez to partner with e-commerce firm Alibaba
Modern Table planting the seeds of a trend
Market Insight - Dairy still under pressure
Company Profile - Flowers focused on improved margins
Flavor Trends - The next level for dressings, sauces and marinades
Ingredient Innovations - Fiber's global reach
Ingredient suppliers emphasize specialized fibers
Algae venture to invest in or buy food companies
New Food Products
Ingredient Market Trends - Large supplies will weigh on grain and oilseeds prices into next year
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Food Business News - April 19, 2016