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75th Anniversary Continued from Page 15 newsletter that later became The Chipper premiered at NPCI’s first annual convention in Harrisburg, PA, in 1939. By the end of the 1930s, NPCI was still a relatively small organization, with only 12 business members and nine associate members. However, it was on solid footing; initiation fees had been eliminated for business members and dues were reduced to $10 per month, producing projected annual revenues of $3,690. NPCI’s foundation was well-laid for the 1940s, a decade of explosive world events and extraordinary industry growth. sw A Glance at the Future Snack industry looks strong and will continue to grow. BY BILL LEVY AND SHANE WHITAKER W hile the birth of the snack food industry had been an accident that occurred more than 150 years ago, the growth of this industry hasn’t been by fluke, according to Matt Colford, 2012 SFA chairman and executive director, Old Dutch Foods, Inc., Roseville, MN. “The snack food association in its 75th year is really as healthy Continued on Page 20 Hang up your gloves. A better way to wash and sanitize scale parts is right at your fingertips! Presenting the Douglas Model 1536-SPW. Meet today’s high standard for cleanliness and sanitation at the push of a button with this versatile, highly effective washing and sanitizing system. Installed in a pit or used with a ramp, this walk-in type batch washer cleans scale parts such as weigh and feed buckets, chutes, funnels, feed pans and other detachable items. This powerfully efficient machine also features pre-programmed wash times and a digital display that monitors key performance criteria and service requirements. And with a typical wash/rinse cycle of just 5 minutes, clean-up is quick and economical! CALL 800-331-6870 for pricing, literature and specifications on a model suited to your needs. 2101 CALUMET ST. • CLEARWATER, FL 33765 • (727) 461-3477 (800) 331-6870 • FAX (727) 449-0029 • 18 Snack World February 2012

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Snack World - February 2012
Letter from SFA - 75 Years...Growth, Innovation, Progress
Supplier’s Corner - Time for Change
Calendar of Events
75th Anniversary - The Birth of the Industry
75 Years and Counting
75th Anniversary - An Association is Born
75th Anniversary - A Glance at the Future
Government Affairs - Transportation Rules Roll
Meeting with members of Congress
Acrylamide Update - Strategies for Reduction
SNAXPO 75 - Building Knowledge Blocks
SNAXPO 75 - Exhibitor List
New Snacks
Products & Services
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Snack World - February 2012