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'POWER TRIO' turns ideas into companies Grand Valley students, faculty play key roles 22 Spring '14 by Dottie Barnes | photos by Bernadine Carey-Tucker I t's being called a unique and aggressive approach to turning innovative ideas into companies. A technology sharing program created by Spectrum Health Innovations (SHI), Grand Valley and GR Current is a rare collaboration in moving ideas from concept to prototype to market, and Grand Valley students are at the forefront of the research. The three organizations created Spectrum-Community T2, an initiative aimed at increasing the success of biomedical commercialization opportunities in West Michigan. "Each organization and the community as a whole will benefit from this unique collaboration," said J. Kevin McCurren, executive director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Seidman College of Business. "We foresee the commercialization of ideas and, ultimately, the creation of new companies and job opportunities." The idea started because of the need for SHI to get its new ideas for medical devices to market. "Each year, Spectrum Health practitioners conduct research to identify and resolve a host of medical issues, generating a wealth of ideas for advancing health care," said Brent Mulder, senior director of SHI. "We believe this partnership will streamline and strengthen the commercialization process of promising biomedical device ideas."

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