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AMERICANGAS AMERICAN GAS Volume 96 numBer 1 AMERICAN GAS 26 f e a t u r e s Safety Mandates 22 regulations and the New energy Landscape By andrew lu New regulatory initiatives will require huge investments. But AGA members are supportive- and actively engaged in actions to enhance safety and reliability. Profile 26 cOLeTTe HOnOrABLe, NARUC's incoming president, talks with AGA's Kyle Rogers about how utilities and regulators can work together on workforce devlopment, safety, infrastructure, and more. Housing update 30 Gas for the Masses By jennifer pilla taylor Despite the shale gas revolution, many natural gas features in homes are still treated as luxuries. What will it take to bring more gas to more homes? feBruary 2014 pipeline State watch departmentS Where No Pig Has Gone before 7 reaping the Wind 17 President's Message 2 By joining forces with builders, we're making headway in the housing market. Working with state regulators and NARUC, we're examining and updating policies to match market realities. Digest 8 Shale gas fuels plastics rebound; energy production generates Interior revenue; undiscovered natural gas off Puerto Rico; and more. Issues 8 * Denser networks will improve market share for gas. * DOE helps companies and communities switch to CHP. * New guide to producing renewable natural gas. * Utilities' websites and call centers are improving. update 12 * More rail carriers are piloting gas-powered trains. New Jersey 18 Sweepstakes, partnerships spur thousands to assess energy use. California 18 Gas customers get a great deal on a smart thermostat. Connecticut 19 State's comprehensive energy strategy takes shape. Headway 36 Talking about natural gas safety to young people requires a different approach. Christina Nyquist explains. Washington 20 Regulation renders a small utility uncompetitive. Subject Index 4 Pennsylvania 21 Acquisition is a win-win for companies and consumers. Jobs 34 ad Index 21 Marketplace 35 by the Numbers 13 Natural gas industry players expect modest price increases, more demand from multiple sources, and stricter regulatory control. People 14 Places 15 20 coVer photo and ove : C o v e r, aND a baBoVe: Brandon dill february 2014 AmericAn GAs 1

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American Gas - February 2014