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OFFICE OrGanIZatIOn Whether we like it or not, many of us consider our workspace to be almost like a second home. Most people spend more waking moments at our workspace than anywhere else… naturally this space will eventually start to take on our personal traits. But what do these traits say about you? Does disarray mean lack of focus and low productivity? Does extreme cleanliness imply a lack of challenging work? Could you increase productivity through better organization? The answers might not be as cut-and-dry as you think… toolbox INSIDER V o L U M E 7 6 Is a Messy Office Desk the Sign of a Good or Bad Employee? office desks and the employees that use them come in all shapes and sizes. Some employees have a spotless desk; others have a typical desk with some stuff here and there, while still others are lucky to be able to find their keyboards and the top of their desks in general on a daily basis. So, does a sparkling, average or really cluttered desk mean anything in today’s workplace? • Workers with lots of data spreadsheets, charts and more on their desks are oftentimes those who set goals for themselves and their team. They tend to be more fixated on meeting certain criteria on a regular basis. AFTERMARKET INSIDER | VOLUME 76 | 11

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Aftermarket Insider Issue 76
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