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Go ahead. Make a statement. Or punctuate your design with graphic accent. Whisper out loud. Or scream subtly. Create architectural signage that makes a point at the Takeform Design Center. product focus classic touch Flos’s Light Spring, a wall-mounted light designed by Ron Gilad, offers a modern take on the candelabra There’s a certain playfulness in the objects and art created by New York–based Ron Gilad, yet his designs still manage to boast sophistication and modernity. His Light Spring sconce for Flos is yet another example of that creativity at work. The single- and double-armed wall-mount fixtures are seemingly simple, minimalist stems that reinterpret candelabras for the public space. “The departure point for this project was twofold: technology and tradition. While being introduced to the advanced LED technology and its endless possibilities, I decided to go back to the past and explore the classic configurations of traditional candelabras,” says Gilad. Group more than one together as an installation and the series can take on a whole new look—a concept that, Gilad confesses, was in his subconscious when creating the line. The slim fixtures cast indirect illumination on the walls, almost producing an ethereal glow and, depending on the installation, a light pattern. 800.528.1398 “Whaaaaaat?” Saliva Falls’ newly elected City Manager Arthur Gold couldn’t hear his Assistant, Jenna. “Is there any way you could shorten your title?” she shouted at Gold, covering the mouthpiece of her Smartphone. “Who wants to know?” asked Gold over the frothy roar of water tumbling from the just-christened J. Arthur Gold Memorial Dam. “It’s the sign company again,” said Jenna. “They can’t fit ‘Executive Manager of Quintessential Global Operations’ on your new office sign. If they could just drop the word ‘global’ it will fit within their standards.” “Fire them,” screamed Gold, “I’ve worked too hard to get where I am. Find me someone who knows how to make architectural signage that can accommodate a man and his dreams.” If your sign company has you seeing red like Arthur Gold, visit the Design Center at, get a free Saliva Falls T-shirt—and create a sign system to accommodate your wildest ambitions, whatever they may be. – Advertisement – Select No. 32 at The sconces have an environmentally conscious aspect to them, too. Their tubular forms are constructed from aluminum that is finished in white using water-based paint, and they use LED lamping. The total length of the singlearm fixture is 15¾ inches, while the double-arm version measures 24½ inches. —Sheila Kim Reader Service No. 225

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Contract - November/December 2011
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Contract - November/December 2011