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Edited by William Ng Technology ence-response data into the kinds of polling slides typically presented to in-person audiences. ResponseWare Web displays questions and answer choices. The application permits alphanumeric entry for single responses, multiple-choice responses, fill-in-theblank questions, and essay questions via a cell phone-style input or a QWERTY keyboard. That ability widens polling design options and allows users to submit questions electronically. “ResponseWare Web allows a much larger potential user base to [access our] TurningPoint technology,” said Mike Broderick, Turning Technologies’ chief executive, whose company is based in Youngstown, OH. Companies and other organizations with remote locations or field representatives can immediately assess how well meeting participants comprehend new products, training materials, and company initiatives. They also easily can gather key information from remote participants deploying smart mobile devices, as well as laptop or desktop personal computers. Turning Technologies provides all the hosting and web services necessary for a ResponseWare Web interactive polling session. Annual subscription rates range from $150 per month for up to 24 respondents at any one time, to $4,000 per month for up to 999 concurrent users. As a subscription service, ResponseWare Web is said to cost less than audience-response keypads. For more information on ResponseWare Web or TurningPoint, go to A Turning Point in Audience-Response Systems Web-based application from Turning Technologies lets attendees ‘phone’ their answers in Turning Technologies, which makes audience-response systems, has released a web application that allows meeting participants to reply to presenter questions via any Internet-connected device, including cell phones. The mobile connectivity aspect of the ResponseWare Web application enables remote attendees to respond, too. ResponseWare Web does not require special software or firewall or port setting changes. The system supports nearly all Javaenabled web browsers and computer operating systems. When used with TurningPoint, the company’s interactive software for PowerPoint, ResponseWare Web immediately converts audi- Company Brings ‘Objectivity’ to Telepresence Teliris, a provider of videoconferencing systems, has what it calls the first touch-surface computer and electronic whiteboard for telepresence. Marketed as Teliris InterAct TouchTable and Teliris InterAct TouchWall, the offerings allow farflung telepresence participants to go beyond seeing and hearing each other by letting them “pass” documents or photographs to each other—as though they were physical objects. A YouTube video showing the technology has been posted. Search “Teleris TouchTable.” “Telepresence delivers a truly immersive environment,” said Teliris CEO Marc Trachtenberg. “Now, Teliris delivers the collaboration tools to fully replicate the dynamics of a face-to-face meeting. This will change the way people think about what telepresence can deliver and multiplies the value.” The touch computer, similar to Microsoft’s Surface offering, is deployed horizontally or vertically, and allows presentations of documents, video, and audio to be shared across multiple locations instantaneously. The Teliris InterAct TouchTable is available in two-person segments that are fully built into Teliris Telepresence conference tables. Teliris InterAct TouchWall is available as a 110-inch-diagonal component. Customers can assemble pieces to form large walls. The Teliris InterAct Easel, also touch-controlled and instantaneous, enables users to create, edit, and share content on a virtual flipchart or whiteboard. Teliris maintains telepresence installations in more than 26 countries. For more, visit H —Section by Marshall Krantz Tripleseat Manages F&B A new web application lets users manage the F&B component of private events. Through Tripleseat—created by a Boston-based company of the same name—sales and event managers can create lists of their group bookings, which can include restaurant location, date and time, room, contact information, and status. The app has a template for creating banquet event orders, which users can export as PDF or Word files. Catering employees can create to-do lists and follow-up memos, and they can coordinate with colleagues and customers through an electronic messaging feature. A subscription costs $89 a month. For more, visit www. A telepresence setup featuring Teliris InterAct TouchTable November 10, 2008 MeetingNews 21

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Meeting News - November 10, 2008
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Meeting News - November 10, 2008