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Well, the country is all of that and so much more.

Maybe it's the tremendously beautiful landscape
consisting of mountainous regions, fiords, lakes
and coastline?

But first, we must complete the backstory. Master baker Doug
Leighton launched Burgen several decades ago in New Zealand
with an eye on incorporating ancient and mixed grains, fruit, whole
meal, seeds and more into his bread products. Moving ahead to
1992, and Burgen was introduced in Australia, touting moist bread
baked with a combination of whole grains and authentic ingredients
including soy, linseed, pumpkin seeds, rye and more. Just five years
later, Burgen made its way to the U.K. initially as a women's health
brand before expanding its focus into general well-being with new
benefits for health-minded consumers.

What do you
think of when
you think of

Or the powerful haka performed by those celebrating
traditional Maori culture?

Or the famous kiwi - the
flightless bird, not the fruit
(which, by the way, is
specifically called 'kiwifruit')?

Did you know that New Zealand has also been the home to a line of
consumer bread products under the Burgen name that helped further
better-for-you eating habits in the 1980s? Fast forward more than 30
years later, and AB Mauri North America has now unveiled a portfolio
of premium bread bases offering delicious nutrition geared towards
industrial and artisan bakers of all shapes and sizes.

Today, Burgen seeks to appeal to those bakers who serve consumers
seeking balance in their lives through smart dietary choices. Top
food trends today focus on the addition of fiber, protein, whole
grains, nuts and seeds as well as the subtraction of artificial
flavors, colors and preservatives. At the same time, Millennials -
an audience more likely to eat bread for its flavor, texture and
authenticity - are expected to surpass Baby Boomers in population
in 2019.
In a climate when bakers across North America are pressed for
time more than ever and are now looking for complete clean label
solutions - including softening, oxidation, mold inhibition, flavor
and more - Burgen answers the call with an ingredient lineup that
everyone can feel good about. With Burgen, industrial and artisan
bakers can be confident that their customers will enjoy superior
bread products packed with the best ingredients, nutrition and
deliciousness. KIA KAHA.


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