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November 4, 2014 FOODBUSINESS NEWS NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY Kraft Foods looking to 'contemporize' brands NORTHFIELD, ILL. - Kraft Foods' innovation efforts on the perimeter of the supermarket appear to be paying dividends, and now the company is focusing on the center of the store and extending its reach in non-traditional retail channels. "Against the backdrop of a challenging consumer and customer environment and some executional missteps, it would be difficult to call this a great quarter or an outstanding first nine months in absolute terms," said Tony Vernon, chief executive officer of Kraft Foods Group. "However, as we look at our performance relative to our playbook and to our peers and against those backdrops, we made Continued on Page 10 Removing sugar while keeping the sweetness espite most nutrition and health surveys suggesting consumers are making an active effort to reduce their intake of added sugars, many in the food industry oppose the Food and Drug Administration's proposed required declaration of added sugars to the Nutrition Facts Panel. "Because there is no chemical or physiological difference between added and inherent sugars, including added sugars on the label will not impart useful information to consumers," the International Continued on Page 58 D Special delivery Wal-Mart is expanding its delivery options and freshening the produce department Story on Page 41 Leveling the playing field The United States and Mexico draft historic sugar agreement he governments of the United States and Mexico drafted an historic sugar trade agreement Oct. 27 in an effort to avoid potential U.S. import duties of more than 50% and the possibility of an escalating trade war. If ratified, it likely will be T the biggest news in the sugar market since Jan. 1, 2008, when the North American Free Trade Agreement opened the door to unrestricted trade of sweeteners between the two countries. But this time the intent is to control sugar exports from Mexico that in the past couple of years have been record high, contributing to lower U.S. sugar prices and loan forfeitures in 2013. If successful, the result also may be reining in sugar cane production in Mexico that has been increasing since 2008, in part because Mexico basically saw the United States as an "easy" market to sell surplus sugar. U.S. sugar producers, who filed countervailing duty and antidumping petitions with the U.S. Department of Commerce and Continued on Page 36 ®

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Food Business News - November 4, 2014
Kraft Foods looking to ‘contemporize’ brands
Leveling the playing field
Dairy Business News - Removing sugar while keeping the sweetness
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Editorial - Incremental innovation plays no ‘second fiddle’ to disruptive efforts
Kraft looking to ‘contemporize’ center-store brands
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Food service trends on tap for 2015
Nestle will not be thwarted by thaw in frozen
Coca-Cola adapting to ‘the new normal'
Cutrale-Safra to acquire Chiquita
Mars adding R.&D. lab to Mississippi plant
Global slowdown pressures Unilever
Stevia market may grow 14% in 2014
Dr Pepper determined to reverse diet drink decline
Rickland Orchards brand still struggling at B&G Foods
Channel blurring taking a greater toll on retail sales
McDonald’s to focus on local, customization in 2015
Washington - Not COOL
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Food Business News - November 4, 2014