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FOODBUSINESS NEWS January 13, 2015 NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY Avoiding labeling-related lawsuits in 2015 CHICAGO - During the past few months numerous news stories have focused on flavor forecasts and consumer trends that may shape the food business in 2015. There is something else to consider and that's how various lawsuits from this past year may affect the claims food marketers may make. This issue pertains to the packaged food sector and, increasingly, in food service. "As consumer packaged food companies have begun to change their labeling marketing behavior as a way to alleviate litigation risk, there is increasing scrutiny of restaurants by plaintiffs' attorneys," said David L. TerMolen, a partner and Continued on Page 20 World of fire Consumer interest in spicy foods is growing Beverages for boys and girls he dynamics of the beverage industry have changed in recent years, with consumers drinking fewer carbonated soft drinks and opting for such perceived better-for-you choices as iced tea, bottled water and pure juices. Savvy marketers are learning to take better-for-you to a higher level and are creating beverages that appeal to the needs of specific consumer segments. For the children's segment, beverages must satisfy both the gatekeeper in terms of ingredients and price, as well as the Continued on Page 30 T Story on Page 26 New California animal-welfare law expected to boost egg prices he puns were ample: California cage law runs "afowl" of other states' laws; California law puts the chicken before its eggs; California humane chicken law ruffles feathers; and the list could go T on. But reality is a California law that went into effect Jan. 1, 2015, requiring shell eggs sold in the state to come from chickens in larger cages than the industry norm appears certain to make eggs more expensive in the Golden State and has added a layer of uncertainty for the egg industry in other states as well. Preliminary estimates principally from academic institutions forecast shell egg prices initially may rise 10% to 40% and maybe more because of the law. While the greatest impact is expected in California, the entire nation may see higher prices as producers who ship eggs to California must comply with the law. A number of producers already have made changes in crate Continued on Page 23 ®

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Food Business News - January 13, 2015
Avoiding labeling-related lawsuits in 2015
New California animal-welfare law expected to boost egg prices
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Food Business News - January 13, 2015