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FOODBUSINESS NEWS December 1, 2015 NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY Single serve central to Kellogg's strategy BATTLE CREEK, MICH. - The Kellogg Co. has identified a "small" weakness in its product portfolio that it plans to address during the next few years. "We under index relative to our competitors in terms of the amount of food we sell, in snacks in particular, in singleserve sizes," said Paul Norman, president of Kellogg North America, during a presentation Nov. 20 at the company's annual investor's day. "That's an opportunity gap that we think we can go after big time in the next three, four years." Deanie Elsner, president of U.S. Snacks, said Kellogg has been successful at growing its brands in big-box stores, but there is room for improvement in Continued on Page 10 Bringing more barbecue to the masses Dairy's role in a satiating diet complaint expressed by many in the nutrition community is consumers don't eat food groups; they eat burgers, pizza, lasagna and sandwiches. Something as simple as a bowl of chicken noodle soup contains partial servings of meat, grains and vegetables, while many innovative dairy foods have become so much more than a dairy serving, most notably the high-protein yogurts enhanced with whole grains and loaded with fruit. Using the government's MyPlate program to craft a healthy meal is not realistic Continued on Page 50 A Story on Page 41 F.D.A. stands its ground on the labeling of G.E. foods he U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Nov. 19 denied a citizen petition submitted by the Center for Food Safety and several other consumer and T organic food industry associations that held the F.D.A. should require the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods. The rejection was contained in a 31-page letter from Leslie Kux, the F.D.A.'s associate commissioner for policy, to Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of the C.F.S. The letter disputed the petition's assertions regarding G.E. foods and the agency's responsibility to require their labeling. The rejection of the petition was one of a series of decisions relating to the safety and labeling of G.E. foods that was announced on Nov. 19. These included the F.D.A.'s first approval of a genetically engineered animal intended for food, AquAdvantage Continued on Page 36 ®

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Food Business News - December 1, 2015
Single serve central to Kellogg’s strategy
F.D.A. stands its ground on the labeling of G.E. foods
Dairy Business News - Dairy’s role in a satiating diet
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Editorial - The digital disruption of food retail is taking hold
Pinnacle Foods to acquire Boulder Brands
Single serve central to Kellogg’s strategy
Private label profiting at the perimeter
Trendspotting at the private label trade show
ConAgra Foods to spin off Lamb Weston business
Target describes ‘steady progress in food'
Keurig adjusting to market saturation, competition
Tyson plans to close two prepared foods plants
TreeHouse Foods to close California plant
Hormel’s sales slip on turkey shortage
365 seen rounding out equation at Whole Foods
How McDonald’s plans to win back customers
WhiteWave pushing the boundaries of plant-based innovation
WhiteWave Foods creates c.o.o. post
Sullivan named new c.e.o. of Smithfield Foods
Beyond Meat c.e.o. on ‘the future of protein’
Market Insight - Strong dollar slows some meat, dairy exports
Flavor Trends - Sweet, savory and spicy
Hot cocoa is trending
Restaurant flavor trends in 2016
Ingredient Innovations - Managing moisture to improve yields
Reducing costs in oil crushing
New Food Products
Ingredient Market Trends - U.S. soybean oil exports at an ‘outstanding’ pace in 2015-16
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Food Business News - December 1, 2015