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Th ere are also benefi ts for growers who supply
processors and end users who utilize third party
providers like FMS. Producers may have expanded
choices to price sales before planting through delivery
using a variety of risk management strategies
embedded in their cash contracts such as minimum
price contracts, accumulators and collars.
Alongside those off erings are discretionary or algorithmically
based managed pricing programs that
allow producers to focus more on producing the
crop and worry less about volatility in the market.
Making It Personal
In agribusiness, there is no one way of doing
things. As they protect their inventory and prices by
working with a service provider like FMS, processors
can take advantage of customized risk management
strategies with advanced tools that help with margin
protection on many fronts.
Th ose tools include sophisticated technologies
with fl exible, scalable platforms that can scale up or
down by need or by company size.
Customizable contract and position reporting are
available as well. Processors can reference an online
dashboard for all of their contract and position reporting
to get an in-depth look into positions by shipment
month, futures month, pricing type and individual customer
detail by shipment and reference futures.
FCStone Merchant Services, LLC ( " FMS " ) is a wholly
owned subsidiary of StoneX (Nasdaq: " SNEX " ), a Fortune
500, global, diversifi ed fi nancial services company.
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Jake Stagner
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Insights (Sponsored by StoneX)

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