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Meeting Preview

Top Reasons to Attend IBIE 2016
Long-time attendees share
their perspectives on this
must-attend event.
by Nico Roesler


Everyone has different motivations for attending the
International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE). For many,
it's to see - and perhaps purchase - the latest advances in
baking technology. For others, it's to meet and develop relationships with people from across the industry.
No matter the incentives, attendees agree that the
event benefits everyone in the industry. IBIE 2016, held
in Las Vegas Oct. 8-11, is striving to be the biggest, most
diverse and most educational event to date. Several IBIE
regulars and organizers recently shared why bakers keep
coming back and why the triennial show has grown into
the largest baking event in the western hemisphere.

Event after event, people attend IBIE to see what's new
in the industry. Robb MacKie, president and CEO,
American Bakers Association, said attendees can
once again expect the latest in bakery equipment and
ingredient innovations.
"IBIE 2016 is the perfect venue for bakers to explore
solutions to take advantage of opportunities or solve
challenges," Mr. MacKie said.
Exhibitors, both large and small, will feature the
newest, most energy-efficient solutions ranging from
equipment manufacturers to packaging companies, Mr.
MacKie added. The Innovation Showcase will highlight

56 innovative ideas never before seen at IBIE, and attendees can learn more about each innovation at the
Idea LAB's Innovation Spotlight Theater, where presenters will personally introduce today's latest industry solutions. Innovation across the entire show floor provides
a full picture of what's required to take any baking company to the next level.

IBIE attendees are exposed
to more than 800 exhibitors in
this once-every-three-year
event opportunity.

Capital investment across the industry is experiencing
positive growth, and many bakers at IBIE will be looking
to capitalize on this.
Earlier this year, Cypress Research surveyed bakers across the country and found more than half (52%)
plan to once again heighten their equipment spending in
2016 over 2015 while 37% will maintain current levels of
spending and 11% expect to reduce their budgets. The
study also found that 39% of companies reported they
would bolster equipment spending yet again in 2017 -
the third year in a row for several businesses - while
more than half (53%) plan to maintain 2017 spending
with 2016 budget levels.
These numbers suggest that attendees, more than
years past, are coming to IBIE to not only find new
items, industry solutions and possibilities but also to
purchase them. But capital investment is only part of
growing a business; the other key piece is creating personal relationships in the industry.

Robert Benton, senior vice-president and chief manufacturing officer, Flowers Foods, Thomasville, GA, is
no stranger to IBIE. He has been attending the event
for years, and Flowers Foods regularly brings a strong / August 2016 Baking & Snack 109

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