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About the Author

David Farrusseng received earned his PhD in Material Science at the European Institute of Membrane (IEM)
in Montpellier (France), then joined the post-doc group of Prof. F. Schüth at the Max Planck Institute für
Kohlenforschung (Germany). In 2001, David was appointed CNRS researcher at IRCELYON (France) in the group
of Dr. C. Mirodatos for the development of high throughput (HT) approaches in heterogeneous catalysis. He
is currently Research Professor and group leader at IRCELYON which consists in 10 full time researchers and
engineers and approximatively 20 students. His activities deal with the design of materials for original catalytic and separation
processes. Farrusseng was awarded by the IACS award in 2016 for his key contribution in the domain of MOF application to Catalysis.
He can be reached at:

Cabrera and Ozmen Join The Catalyst Group Board of Directors
The Catalyst Group (TCG) and The Catalyst Group Resources (TCGR) are pleased to announce two new additions to their Board of Directors (BOD). The
BOD was created in 2019 to deepen and expand the company's international exposure to existing and new customers through the deployment of leading
industry executives. Carlos A. Cabrera and Suleyman Ozmen, both leading, senior-management-level executives are well known subject matter experts
in the fields of catalysis and thus are in an excellent position to leverage strategic, commercial development and entrepreneurial opportunities. Their
combined track record includes decades of experience from within leading corporations engaging around the world. More specifically:
Carlos A. Cabrera is an independent consultant based in the greater Chicago Area. His fields of Expertise include Energy, Fuels, Chemicals, Leadership,
Strategy and General Management. He is a recognized world expert in the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Industries. Mr. Cabrera has
served on several US and foreign based Corporate Boards for both private and public companies. Carlos is the Executive Chairman of
Genomatica, a San Diego based Biotechnology firm. Mr. Cabrera is a Distinguished Associate to the World Energy Consultancy FACTS
and serves on the Board of Directors of the Gas Technology Institute. He was previously the President/CEO and then Chairman of
UOP, the founding President and CEO of the National Institute of Low Carbon and Clean Energy (NICE) based in Beijing, China, and the
Executive Chairman of Ivanhoe Energy. He is a member of the Global Advisory Board of the University of the Chicago Booth School
of Business. Mr. Cabrera is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Chemical Engineering Department at the Illinois Institute of Technology and a
Board member of the Loker Institute at the University of Southern California. Granted nine patents by the U.S. Patent Office, Mr. Cabrera was inducted
to the University of Kentucky Engineering Hall of Distinction and honored with the Honeywell Corporation 2008 Senior Leadership Award, among several
other distinctions. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Kentucky and a master's degree in Business
Administration from the University of Chicago.
Suleyman Ozmen has extended global downstream business experience with leading organizations (IFP, UOP, Amoco Chemicals, BP and Shell Global
Solutions) in refining and petrochemical technology commercialization, licensing, intellectual property management, business and
joint venture development, and service business. His specific strengths are in leading technology commercialization, concluding
major licensing deals, running global sales for license, catalyst and services, and implementing business strategies. Mr. Ozmen is
recognized as refining and petrochemicals industries leading licensing expert with an extensive external business network and has led
many successful global technology alliances and built many technology business organizations. He has led negotiations to conclude
licensing, guarantee, engineering and catalyst supply contracts resulting in more than a billion in net revenue to UOP, BP/Amoco and
Shell GS. He has also led with success licensing, catalyst and service business with profit accountabilities over $100 million a year. Mr.
Ozmen managed successful R&D programs for commercialization of new technologies and new catalyst (etherification process, xylene isomerization,
propane dehydrogenation, solid bed alkylation for lab). He was a major contributor to management teams in building successful technology


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