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4) Roofing standards Although the roofing industry continues to develop and refine roof performance standards, there appears to be a lack of effective coordination between roofing standards and emerging standards for sustainable buildings. There is a need for the development of standards addressing durable roofing construction which will allow contractors, designers and end users to make educated, consistent and comprehensive decisions about roofing systems. It is also important to integrate existing codes and standards with emerging roofing technologies. 5) Industry practices As new building technologies and practices are being introduced, regulations affecting roofing are often becoming complex, confusing and conflicting. Because building technology is being driven increasingly by larger societal needs, there may be many disconnects between emerging building technologies and the established fundamentals of good roofing practice. Current communication efforts are scattered and fragmented, and available roofing information is not properly distilled for non-roofing audiences. The creation of a single and credible industry voice could be beneficial and thus help in reducing confusion by clearly and consistently communicating approved knowledge to the population. NEXT STEPS In an effort to address key issues identified above, the Summit has led to the organization Steven Peck, HASLA, GRP; founder and president, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities; Toronto, Canada; Co-Founder, Green Infrastructure Foundation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Bill Retzlaff; research/academic chair, LAM EAB; vice-chair of the GRHC Research Committee; associate professor, chair, Department of Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences Program, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in Edwardsville, Illinois, USA. of task groups focused on the five themes. These groups will meet regularly in the upcoming months and report periodically to RCIF. Findings and resolution will be presented to the roofing industry at upcoming conferences and other roofing events. Further information on upcoming events should be available on the RCIF website at Dr. Richard Côté attended the Research Summit in Washington, D.C. as a representative of the Green Roof for Healthy Cities (GRHC) while director of Research & Development for GRHC. Dr. Côté is consultant, educator and speaker on plant physiology and biophysics specialized in sustainable development and green technology. The formation of the LAM EAB is not complete, however, and the editors are currently seeking applications from individuals interested in volunteering to help develop the Living Architecture Monitor. Please send us an email to: explaining why you would like to join the LAM EAB (in 600 words or less) and include your CV. Watch for full profiles of the LAM EAB in a future issue once we have reached our full complement. NEW EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD KICKS OFF In March, the editors of the Living Architecture Monitor kicked off the launch of the magazine’s new Editorial Advisory Board (LAM EAB) with their first meeting. The purpose of the LAM EAB is to offer periodic insight on industry development and trends, serve as a critical sounding board for the editors on editorial content and to provide expertise on technical articles. TO DATE, THE INAUGURAL LAM EAB IS COMPOSED OF FIVE MEMBERS: Caroline Nolan, M.Sc., GRP, chair, LAM EAB; editor, Living Architecture Monitor; principal, ThinkSustain® Consulting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sara Loveland, chief operating officer, Access Green, Washington, D.C. , USA (formerly the interim executive director of DC Greenworks). David J. Yocca, RLA, ASLA, AICP, LEED AP; principal landscape architect/planner; Conservation Design Forum in Elmhurst, Illinois, USA. Brett Hitchens, BLA; Sharp & Diamond, Landscape Architecture Inc. in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. CONTRIBUTE TO THE LAM Interested in helping out but can’t commit to the LAM EAB? We are always looking for volunteers to contribute articles to the magazine. Please contact the editor at to express your interest. LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR SPRING 2010 5

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Spring 2010
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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Spring 2010