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Brampton launches eight zeroemission
buses into service
▶ Eight battery-electric buses began
service in Brampton, Ontario, on May
4 as part of the first multi-city deployment
of interoperable buses and
charging equipment. Brampton is part
of the Pan-Canadian Battery Electric
Bus Demonstration and Integration
Trial, which aims to demonstrate
interoperable charging and operation
of battery-electric buses. The demonstration
and integration trial is led by
the Canadian Urban Transit Research
and Innovation Consortium. The city
explains its deployment of electric
buses differs in that its buses are not
tied to designated charging depots and
its depot and on-road charging options
allow for an increase in daily travel
ranges on the electric buses. Two of the
new buses have been supplied by Nova
Bus and six are from New Flyer, while
the four overhead pantograph on-route
charging stations have been supplied by
Siemens Canada and ABB Inc. Brampton
Transit has a fleet of 450 buses, including
133 diesel-electric hybrid buses.
Each battery-electric bus is expected to
produce a savings of 235 metric tons of
CO2 per year.
Brampton Transit
ONE OF Brampton's eight new batteryelectric
People in the News
▶ EQT Infrastructure has entered an
agreement to acquire First Student
and First Transit from FirstGroup. The
$4.6-billion sale is expected to close in
the second half of 2021.
Stephanie Cutter
Chatham Area
Transit (CAT)
Stephanie Cutter,
former city manager
of Savannah City,
Ga., has been hired
as CAT's chief
financial officer.
Cutter joins CAT after
a 29-year career with
the city of Savannah,
where she started
as a budget analyst
before rising through
the ranks to become
the city manager in
2013. Her professional
background includes
research and analysis,
budgeting, accounting
and program and
financial management.
Cutter's first
day with CAT was
April 19, 2021. As CFO,
Cutter is charged
with overseeing CAT's
finance department,
delivering a balanced
annual budget and
ensuring the agency's
financial compliance
with state and federal
Mohammed Nasim
New Jersey Transit
(NJ Transit)
NJ Transit has
selected Mohammed
Nasim to be
the agency's chief
of construction
management. Nasim
brings more than 30
years of experience
in the delivery of
large transportation
projects. He was
previously with Amtrak
where he served as
project manager for
Gateway Program
projects. Nasim has led
the planning, design,
agency coordination,
permitting, procurement
and construction
of key bridge and
tunnel projects in the
U.S. and abroad. He
has served as an owner's
representative for
construction contracts
totaling about $4
billion, and as responsible-in-charge
contract administration
and construction
Steve Anderson
Cincinnati Metro
Steve Anderson
has been chosen to
be the director of
transit development
and innovation for
Cincinnati Metro. He
will lead several initiatives,
including taking
a primary role in bringing
the Reinventing
Metro plan to fruition.
He is responsible for
the development of
Reinventing Metro,
including planning and
scheduling, as well as
bus stop infrastructure.
He will also lead bus
rapid transit planning
and development and
the introduction of
mobility on demand
services. He is a
seasoned transit professional
with nearly
15 years of strategic
planning, fixed-route
scheduling and capital
development experience.
Before joining
Cincinnati Metro, he
was the director of
transit planning at
Palm Tran in Palm
Beach County, Fla.
10 | Mass Transit | | JUNE 2021
▶ HNTB has been awarded a contract by
the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) to serve
as the agency's program management
services consultant. The three-year
agreement has two one-year options.
▶ Kiewit Infrastructure South Co. and
affiliate Mass. Electric Construction
Co. have been awarded a $1.6-billion
contract to install the core electrical
systems required for operation of Texas
Central's planned Dallas to Houston
high-speed train.
▶ GILLIG has been awarded a $44.2-million
contract for 44 battery-electric
buses, with an option of 95 additional
buses over five years by the Utah Transit
Authority and Park City Transit. The contract
includes 16 plug-in charging systems
and four high-power on-route chargers.
▶ Siemens Mobility Inc. has been identified
as the preferred bidder by Amtrak to
manufacture a new fleet of 83 Intercity
Trainsets (ICTs). The railroad is targeting
summer 2021 for contract execution.
▶ Regional Transportation Commission
of Southern Nevada selected Stantec to
lead the implementation of the GoMed
Program, a proposed AV shuttle program
within the Las Vegas Medical District.


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