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LTD's Sustainability Effort
Infrastructure with Sustainability
and Equity (RAISE) grant to increase
its single bi-directional
BRT lane to two lanes, with LTD
playing a supporting role.
" [This goes] back to the people
side and how the number of
people that we carry matters to
reducing that regional carbon
footprint and [therefore] our
statewide footprint, " Jackson said.
The People Side
Regarding the people, or social
equity, aspect of sustainability,
Jackson explains that while it
has always been a part of LTD's
approach, it now has an even bigger
focus following the summer
of 2020.
" I want to emphasize that I
think 2020, the killing of George
Floyd, put a different level of emphasis
on social equity. So, [how]
we look at the impact we have on
not just the environment, but social
equity, is equally important to
us. Our goal is that social equity
is at the forefront of our decision
making on how we deploy our
fleet, " Jackson said.
Jackson notes social equity
will play a larger role and will
be the " heaviest lift " in the ridership
analysis LTD put on pause
due to the pandemic and plans to
resume once more of the region
opens up. Branded as Transit
Tomorrow, the analysis looks
at where people live, where jobs
are located and important destinations
and then overlays that
map with the fixed route and bus
rapid transit systems to see how
well the traditional service still
serves the community.
" What we saw was that by potentially
making some changes,
we could redeploy our service
in a different way that would
increase access to low income
[riders], people of color, seniors
and [increased] access to jobs, "
Jackson said.
The goal is to grow ridership
by making transit a more convenient
travel option. This touches
on the first action item outlined
in LTD's policy statement from
2007: to provide quality service.
Quality service also means considering
the impacts to the community
of how LTD decides to
deploy its fleet.
Hoell added, " The most vulnerable
members of our community
are going to be the ones who
face the most significant impacts
from climate change. [So], thinking
about the impacts of environmental
justice on the way our service
gets deployed and who has
access to [it] is a big part of how
LTD can be addressing its social
equity performance. "
" The
most vulnerable
members of
our community
are going to be
the ones who
face the most
impacts from
climate change. "
manager, LTD
Leading transit operators in North America
and Europe trust HASTUS to plan and schedule
optimized services with hundreds of electric buses
in operation.
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