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She says Bell was attracted to the new
technology for the many benefits it offers. " I
think that for many operations that struggle with
space for propagation, it could be implemented
since you plant the rooted cutting directly in the
final container, " she says.
| Bell Nursery continued...
product that combines the benefits of an unrooted
cutting and a rooting cutting. It provides
growers with cuttings that have advanced root
development but do not require the use of any
growing media.
Basewell was developed initially in 2018
for several specific Dümmen Orange annual
varieties. Earlier this year it was made available
using several of the breeding company's
perennial varieties.
The cuttings are inserted into strips and then
covered with the protective gel at Dümmen
Orange's offshore facilities. The gel coating
provides root protection during shipping.
The technology helps growers simplify their
processes because the Basewell product is
shipped from offshore production locations,
arriving ready to transplant directly into the finish
container. This means more production turns
can be completed and propagation space can
be converted into finished production space -
saving time and money.
Regina Coronado, head grower at Bell's Monroe
facility, started trialing Basewell during Week 16
of this year.
While it is still early in the trial and evaluation
process and all of the final numbers are not
available yet, Coronado sees the potential timesaving
benefits that Bell can take advantage of.
" We have not analyzed labor savings since we
only have done one trial. If the propagation cost
gets eliminated, savings could be high since this
technology will save at least six weeks of plug
production, " she says.
Coronado also was extremely pleased with the
yields that the Basewell plants achieved. " We
grew several varieties and the trial yield was
close to 100%. Quality was great; good rooting
and great plant growth. "
Coronado says implementing the technology
was not difficult either. " Dümmen provided me
with a video and if you follow the instructions,
the results are amazing. Due to the type of
operation here in North Carolina, my favorite
quote is, 'If I can grow it under my conditions,
anybody can grow it.' "
Originally developed for Dümmen Orange
varieties, the breeding company has announced
it is now working with other breeders, like
Westhoff and Hishtil, to provide their genetics in
the Basewell product form for spring 2020 to the
North American market.
It's so
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