Big Grower November 2019 - 7

and frankly, everyone who
already knows that the fate of our
world lies in the next generation
embracing the importance of
plants not only to humans, but to
animals, and to Earth. Our job is to
show others the way. To cure the
" plant apathy " that is raging, and
to inspire people to join the ranks
of the green-collar world are our
collective marching orders - our
" growing orders " as it were.
population? Who will research
cures for disease? Who will help
solve some of our world's biggest
environmental issues such as
pollution, drought, pest infestation,
clean water and climate change? And
who will bring wonder to our world
by creating landscapes and gardens
that are beautiful and provide
physical, social and emotional
health supports?
It's you, and me, and other
horticulture professionals, and
educators, and plant-enthusiasts,
So, how do we do it? You're busy
with your own company, workload,
community and family. That's
where collaboration and the Seed
Your Future movement can help.
" Planted " in 2014, Seed Your Future
was formed by a partnership of
horticulture companies, gardening
organizations, schools, colleges
and universities, public gardens
and youth organizations who are
united by the mission to promote
horticulture and inspire more
people to pursue careers working
with plants.
We spent our first three years
conducting focused research,
which today serves as a foundation
for the work that officially
launched in 2018. The research
affirmed what we are experiencing
today. We are living in a time of
great disconnection with plants.
Plants are everywhere - yet
plants are nowhere on the minds
of most Americans.
This " plant-blindness " is
especially significant among
our nation's youth. Informed
by research examining the right
time to reach young people
about the wonder of plants and
fulfilling plant careers, Seed Your
Future decided to focus our first
campaign on middle schoolers.
But first, we needed to know what
kids had to say.
The middle schoolers in our
focus groups said they don't know
what " horticulture " is. After sharing
with them how plants impact our
lives every day, and the diversity
of careers across the art, science,
technology and business of plants,
kids were pretty clear. They want
us to stop using " weird " words like
" horticulture, " show them through
video and social media content how
plants can change the world, and
have " cool " young people tell them
about their fun (#ILoveMyPlantJob)
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Big Grower November 2019

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