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The Hydron Sanitary Hydroheater is
Hydro-Thermal's latest innovation
Hydro-Thermal's 3A-certified Hydron Sanitary Hydroheater®
is a direct steam injection cooker designed for the ultimate
process flexibility and stability in an easy-to-use and maintained
package. It is the heater of choice for processes that require
fast and precise temperature control without any degradation
in quality. By providing precise shear and pressure control,
this sanitary solution utilized its fully CIP-able capabilities to
cook thick mashes and sauces with ultra-precise temperature
control without any burn-on.
The Hydron Sanitary Hydroheater is a sophisticated heat
transfer device capable of 100% heat transfer efficiency and
precise temperature control. It utilizes a unique internal
geometry to control the steam injection process, and its
variable-area nozzle/stem plug regulates steam flow. As a
result, the steam condenses and disperses into the liquid so
quickly that hammering and vibration often experienced with
less sophisticated heaters are virtually eliminated.
or tank heating, depending on the process or product's recipe.
They are designed for process flexibility and stability, cooking
sauces without burning or scorching sugars, proteins, or fats.
As a result, many customers can see a return on investment
(ROI) in less than three months.
The Hydron Sanitary Hydroheater is a sophisticated heating
solution capable of 100% heat transfer efficiency and precise
temperature control. It employs a unique internal geometry
to control the steam injection process, while a variable area
nozzle/stem plug precisely regulates steam flow. As a result,
the steam condenses and disperses into the liquid so quickly
that hammering and vibration often experienced with less
sophisticated heaters are virtually eliminated.
Instant heating
* Precise temperature control
* Fully heat to temperature in a single pass
* High energy efficiency
Automatically adjusting combining tube for shear and
pressure control
* Improved process dependability adjustable to " sweet spot "
* Enhanced process flexibility and lower vibration
* Increased process flow and flow turndown
Easy to install and maintain
* Modular design allows rotation of various parts to be
Cross Section of the Hydro-Thermal Hydron 400 Series Sanitary
A perfect fit for food & beverage applications where a safe
and consistent product that looks or tastes the same during
every batch is a must, the Hydron accomplishes challenging
things for other fluid processing heaters.
The Hydron can heat many end products, from baby food
to tomato paste. It can also heat liquid in high particulate
products, such as salsa, while maintaining particulate integrity,
working hand-in-hand with the end user's recipe without
fouling or degrading the product. The result is a great-tasting
product, consistent batches, and a bacteriafree environment,
providing processors greater recipe control to ensure product
quality by heating to exact temperatures. Our patented direct
steam injection heaters work by mixing steam and process
liquids thoroughly, ensuring product quality by delivering
precise temperature and on-demand heating.
The versatility of Hydro-Thermal's heaters puts us above
other heating systems (like heat exchangers). Our Direct Steam
Injection solutions can either cook thoroughly inline or cook
to a stage of completeness like parboiling, emersion cooking,
flexible for process installation requirements
* Fully CIP-able system in proper orientation or easily
removed to COP
* Minimize/eliminate product burn-on with an Air-gap nozzle
* Minimize/eliminate product build-up with self-cleaning
fluid velocity
* Process thick mashes at up to 35% dry solids
* Proven to be a more eective starch converter increasing
sugar yields
Total sanitary design
* 3-A certified
* Available in 316L or AL6XN
* Heater designed to ASME Section VIII
* Seals & Internals meet FDA & EU Regulation (EC) 1935/2004
Contact Hydro-Thermal info@hydro-thermal.com or call
1-800-952-0121 to learn if a direct steam injection heater is
the right choice for your application.

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