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FEATURE Inflatable Lifejacket Selection, Wear, Care and Maintenance By Canadian Safe Boating Council. t's been said that best inventions are the simplest ones. For years, many of us have taught our children to swim using inflatable cuffs worn on their upper arms; yup, 'Water Wings'. Well, that same concept, introduced around 1907 in London England as the 'Swimeesy Buoy', has become the basis for the latest innovation in lifejackets; inflatables. Like water wings, they have a minimal footprint, are cool, lightweight, provide a full range of arm movement and are stylish to boot! While many inflatable lifejackets are designed to be worn as a vest, pouch models are also available that can be worn around your waist so there's no obstruction of the sun's tanning rays. Regardless of the style, their function is based on a compressed CO2 cylinder and an inflatable bladder. They come in manual and auto-inflate models. Both types can be manually activated by pulling a tab that hangs below the lifejacket piercing the seal on the CO2 cylinder and inflating the bladder. The bladder also has a tube attachment that allows you to inflate it manually which is ideal for annual testing. The auto-inflate models employ a bobbin that dissolves when immersed in water releasing the CO2. They won't accidently inflate simply when wet from the rain or spray, While the price tag might suggest that inflatable lifejackets I 24 Canadi an Yachti ng cost more than their inherently buoyant cousins, they are actually more economical when you think about it. They're fully adjustable meaning that one inflatable model can suffice where a number of inherently buoyant models would have to be purchased to cover the same range of sizes. Inflatable lifejackets do have specific restrictions in their use, APRIL 2015

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Vantage Point
One Particular Harbour: Midland Harbour, Georgian Bay
Club Profile: Britannia Yacht Club
Feature: Inflatable Lifejacket Selection, Wear, Care and Maintenance
Galley Guys: What's New and What's Old
Feature: B.C. Boat Builder Forbes Cooper
Feature: The Ultimate Anchoring Article
Feature: Towing and Salvage
Sail Review: Bavaria Cruiser 37
CPS-ECP Port Hole
Crossing the Line

Canadian Yachting April 2015