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MARINE BINOCULARS I SEE Therefore I Am (Safe) By Rob MacLeod G Galileo made his first telescope in 1609, modelled after telescopes produced in other parts of Europe (primarily Holland) that could magnify objects three times. Later that same year, Galileo created a telescope that could magnify objects twenty times. He did very well after that. Fast forward to 2015 and I am on the hunt for a second pair of binoculars for our boat, as we plan an extended cruise next Optics Construction Magnification Multi-coating Objective lens Types of focus Exit pupil Eye relief Field of View and Arc of View Water and fog proofing Luminosity / Brightness fall. I say a second pair, because - it seems - Mary's and my eyes are not aging in the same manner and at the same rate. So when either of us picks up the shared binoculars, we have to re-adjust them for our own use. I read recently that the way to avoid having your binoculars out of focus is to have your own. In May, I was fortunate to have been able to attend staff and dealer training with Steiner Optics, a part of Beretta Holding Company. I learned more about binoculars in that one day than I had in Amenities my prior 40 years in sailing. Maybe it Compass was because I was in class and I took notes (unlike 40 years prior while in uniRange finder versity). Floating straps To the left are some of the key attributes of effective marine binoculars we will look at in this article. Twilight factor. 25

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Canadian Yachting December 2015

Vantage Point: The Wave of New Boaters is Starting!
Waterfront: What’s your Watermark? Seafaring Santa holiday gift ideas.
Club Profile: Stony Lake Yacht Club
CPS: Seamanship Courses
Feature: Binoculars - Everything you could possibly want to know about understanding, using and buying binoculars for marine use. By Rob Macleod
Electronics Feature: Pinging the Unknown - A look at technologies that support modern marine radar. By David Schmidt
Destination: La Marina, Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic - Luxuriate in this profile of the Casa de Campo, a 7,000-acre resort located in La Romana on the southeast coast of the island and boasting a port, a heliport and an airstrip and home of one of the best billfishing spots in the world. By Elizabeth Kerr
Destination: St John River - Offering cruising areas that are as inviting as any protected inland lake or river, the 75 miles between Saint John and Fredericton make for any easy weekend cruise but there are also many side trips which can occupy you for as much time as you have available. By Glen Cairns
Galley Guys: Krates
Power Review: Neptunus 62
Crossing the Line: The 6th Great Lake

Canadian Yachting December 2015