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NITROUS OXIDE SYSTEMS Digital Ultra™ Flushmount Conscious Sedation System Accutron Inc. Slimline design separates control module from gas supply (main module) offering more mounting options. What's been gained: • Cabinet space • Installation flexibility • NFPA approval for mounting in walls Other features: • Percentage controls – adjust the flow and percent gas remains constant; adjust the gas percent and flow remains constant • Brightly colored digital readouts and electronic flow tubes • Easy to clean and disinfect or barrier-protect sealed membrane • Multiple safety features include fail-safe that shuts down N2 O if O2 supply is interrupted; audible and visual alarms notify of low O2 supply; ratio control ensures min. 30% O2 • Options: Accu-Vac, Remote Flow System, Printer, and Remote Control • Oral surgery units available Digital Ultra™ Flushmount models available: 56600 Unit with Standard Bag Tee 56800 Unit with Remote Flow System D (remotely located vacuum system) 56950 Unit with Accu-Vac™ (automatic vacuum system) All models complete with scavenging circuit Mounts for Remote Flow System D 25043 Universal Light Pole Mount Kit 26953 RFS-D Side, Chair Mount Kit 25954 RFS-D Back, Chair Mount Kit 32018 Sliding Bracket Mount for RFS-D Micro Outlets available for mounting in cabinetry Ultra PC™ % Package B–4-Cylinder Portable Accutron Inc. Combines efficient operation with optimal safety, and revolutionary styling complements the most modern operatory aesthetics. Adjustments in the unit’s total flow are achieved with a single control, while the ratio (%) of gases being delivered to the patient remains constant. A built-in safety feature prevents the oxygen concentration from dropping below 30%. And an oxygen fail-safe system discontinues the flow of nitrous oxide if the oxygen supply is interrupted. The new 4-Cylinder Portable Manifold is the only system that offers the convenience of flowmeter-only height adjustment. With a vertical positioning range of 10", the flowmeter can be set to the operator’s “preferred” viewing level during the procedure and later adjusted downward for easy storage under open counter space. Features & Benefits • Single-knob total flow control • Nitrous-oxide ratio control with 70% max • Oxygen fail-safe system, flush, and resuscitation connector • Emergency air valve • Directional check valve • DISS inlet fittings Complete Unit Model #36100 (107-4247) MXR Flowmeters Porter Instrument Company, Inc. The Oral Surgery MXR combines the advantage of high flows of nitrousoxide/oxygen mixtures with the convenience of single-dial control of the nitrous-oxide concentration. The maximum nitrous-oxide concentration delivered is 70%. MXR Flowmeter with AVS Package Model #3445-2AV (550-0853) ANESTHESIA SUPPLIES NITROUS OXIDE SYSTEMS Contains: 1 of each: #3400AV MXR Package & tall mobile stand for 2+2 “E“ tanks (top of meter telescopes from 43” to 50”). MXR Flowmeter without AVS Package/with Tall Stand Model #3445-2 (170-3237) Contains: 1 of each: MXR Package & tall mobile stand for 2+2 “E“ tanks (top of meter telescopes from 43” to 50”). MXR-1 Flushmount Flowmeter Model #3465CQD-AV (550-1416) Contains: 1 MXR-1 Flushmount Flowmeter, 1 AVS5000 Vacuum Control, 1–5155-3 Breathing Circuit, 1 bag tee mount & O2/N2O shut-off valves. Contains: 1 of each: Ultra PC™ % Flowmeter, 4-Cylinder Portable Manifold & Scavenging Circuit II. REPAIR SERVICES Your Handpiece and Small Equipment Solutions Provider See page 121 for more details. PC7 Flowmeter System with 4-Cylinder Yoke Block Belmed Inc. Analgesia flowmeter. Features solid block design, nonrebreathing check valve, oxygen fail-safe, and quick connect. Model #5142-S (552-5249) Contains: 1 head, 1 tall mobile stand, scavenger rubber goods, 1–4-cylinder yoke block & 3-ft. DISS hoses. For pricing and product information, contact your Henry Schein Sales Consultant or call 1-800-645-6594 prompt 1. 23

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Periodontic Specialty Catalog - September 2013
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Periodontic Specialty Catalog - September 2013