IEEE Awards Booklet - 2019 - 33

Ieee fellows clAss of 2019

Irwin King
for contributions to the theory and applications
of machine learning in social computing

Shaoying Liu
for contributions to the design of structured
object-oriented Formal Language

Katsufumi Nakamura
for contributions to integrated circuits for digital

Farinaz Koushanfar
for contributions to hardware and embedded
systems security and to privacy-preserving

Xiaoping Liu
for contributions to system identification and
networked teleoperation

Jason Nieh
for contributions to virtualization, scheduling,
and mobile computing

Ioannis Krikidis
for contributions to full-duplex radio and
wireless-powered communications

Xin Liu
for contributions to the design of cross-layer
resource allocation algorithms for cellular and
cognitive radio networks

Anibal Ollero Baturone
for contributions to the development and
deployment of aerial robots

Randall Kubena
for contributions to ion-beam processing and

Teng Long
for contributions to high resolution radar

Daniel Kuchta
for contributions to high-speed Vertical Cavity
surface-Emitting Lasers and optical interconnects

Cristina Lopes
for contributions to ubiquitous and immersive

Shrikrishna Kulkarni
for contributions to transformer engineering

Marco Lops
for contributions to radar target detection and
estimation in clutter

Chih-Huang Lai
for contributions to magnetic information storage
and spintronic devices

Anant Madabhushi
for contributions in image analysis tools for
diagnosis and prognosis of diseases

Danilo Pau
for contributions to the development of memory
efficient architectures for advanced multimedia

Roger Lake
for contributions to quantum mechanical
electronic device modeling

Pui-In Mak
for contributions to radio-frequency and analog

Jan Peters
for contributions to robot learning of dexterous
motor skills

Mark Lantz
for contributions to digital magnetic tape

John Malinowski
for contributions to motor efficiency
manufacturing regulations and standards

Daniel Pitt
for leadership in networking and of the open
Networking Foundation

Patrick Lecallet
for contributions to perceptual optimization of
video signal processing

Shiwen Mao
for contributions to wireless multimedia

Alessandro Piva
for contributions to multimedia security

Jaejin Lee
for contributions to programming systems of
heterogeneous machines

Charles Mc Shane
for leadership in safety, performance, and
sustainability of power transformers

Juho Lee
for leadership in standardization of cellular
communication technologies

Dale McMorrow
for contributions to laser-based methodologies
for simulating single-event effects in digital

Seung Jae Lee
for contributions to power distribution protection
and automation
Frank Leferink
for leadership in electromagnetic compatibility
measurement techniques
Chih-Peng Li
for contributions to digital broadcasting and
wireless transmission
Hai Li
for contributions to neuromorphic computing
Hongbin Li
for contributions to adaptive radar signal
processing with limited data
Qi Li
for contributions in speech signal processing
and speaker authentication
Shutao Li
for contributions to image fusion and
classification in remote sensing

Derek McNamara
for contributions to antenna synthesis and
Neelesh Mehta
for contributions to opportunistic selection in
wireless communication systems
Tao Mei
for contributions to multimedia analysis and
Erik Meijering
for contributions to computational methods for
biological image analysis
Tim Menzies
for contributions to software engineering for
artificial intelligence
Bruno Michel
for contributions to energy efficiency for
computers and solar systems
Miroslav Micovic
for contributions to gallium nitride electronics

Yonghui Li
for contributions to cooperative communications

Joydeep Mitra
for contributions to the development of power
system reliability methods

C. Steven Lingafelt
for leadership in cybersecurity education and

Theodore Moise
for contributions to ferroelectric memory
development and engineering

Alex Liu
for contributions to firewall design and analysis

Sasan Mokhtari
for leadership in energy industry technology

Jinjun Liu
for contributions to modeling and control of
power systems

Onur Mutlu
for contributions to computer architecture
research and practice

33 | 2019 IEEE awards bookLET

Antonis Papachristodoulou
for contributions to analysis and design of
networked control systems
Evangelos Papadopoulos
for contributions to space and field robotics
Milorad Papic
for contributions to probabilistic planning
methods to mitigate cascading of the bulk
power system

Maurizio Porfiri
for contributions to biomimetic robotics
Yi Qian
for contributions to wireless communication
networks and smart grid communication
Hong Qiao
for contributions to robotic manipulation and
biologically inspired robotic cognition
Xianming Qing
for contributions to antennas for radio frequency
identification systems
Arifur Rahman
for leadership in 2.5- and 3-dimensional
integrated circuits for field programmable gate
Siddharth Ramachandran
for contributions to higher-order modes in optical
Srinivasan Ramani
for contributions to computer networks for
developing countries
Mary Ellen Randall
for leadership in the development and
commercialization of audio-video decoders
Stewart Rauch
for contributions to microelectronics reliability
Gerhard Rigoll
for contributions to multimodal human-machine
Robert Rohling
for contributions to ultrasound for medical
diagnosis and intervention
Joachim Rosenthal
for contributions to algebraic coding theory and
Matthew Roughan
for contributions to Internet measurement and


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