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BY JODI HELMER Friendly FAT Bring it, swimsuit season! These delicious ingredients will help you welcome summer with open arms (and maybe a flatter tummy) A s temperatures rise, the idea of foods to avoid," Sass says. "This has brought confronting the dressing room superfoods [like MUFAs] into the limelight." mirror in a strapless one-piece The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute can fill you with dread. But recommends a diet with 25 to 35 percent of calories instead of skipping meals to slim from fat, with 20 percent of those calories comdown or spending the summer hiding under a ing from monounsaturated fats. In other words, if cover-up, a few delicious diet changes can help you're following a 1,600-calorie diet, you should trim belly fat so you can brave swimsuit season aim to consume 35 grams of MUFAs per day. with confidence. Because monounsaturated fats Monounsaturated fatty acids, aren't listed on nutrition labels, it's or MUFAs, are one weapon in hard to track your consumption If you're following a the battle of the bulge. Research of the good fats. Sonya Angelone, shows that MUFA-rich foods like MS, RDN, a spokeswoman for the almonds, avocado, peanut butter, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, calorie diet, dark chocolate and olive oil may recommends eating MUFAs at you should aim to reduce belly fat. These "good" fats every meal to ensure you're conconsume also are known for increasing HDL suming enough of the healthy fats. ("good") cholesterol, reducing the Incorporating MUFAs into your risk of diabetes and breast cancer, diet is as simple as sprinkling flaxof MUFAs per day. and protecting against cardiovasseeds on your morning bowl of oatcular disease. meal, adding avocado to a turkey While it's unclear how the healthy fats help you sandwich, keeping a stash of almonds in your slim down, Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, co-author desk drawer for snacking or using a splash of of the Flat Belly Diet, believes consuming more extra-virgin olive oil to broil veggies at dinner. MUFAs may help prevent the accumulation of "Foods that contain MUFAs are delicious and visceral belly fat, boost metabolism or both. nutritious," Angelone says. "These are foods you "We've known about the health benefits of want to eat, so adding more of them to your diet MUFAs for years, but recently nutrition educais a really satisfying way to improve your health." tion has strongly shifted towards focusing about These MUFA-rich recipes prove that even a which foods to eat for health rather than which "diet" dish can be filled with delicious fats. 1,600- 35 GRAMS 42 SU M M E R 2 014

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Vim & Vigor - Summer 2014 - University of Virginia
Life in Balance
A Peanut a Day to Keep Allergies at Bay?
Close Watch on a Young Brain
Stress SOS
The Truth About Sunscreen
The Transformers
Get Your Head in the Game
The Journey Continues
On the Cover
The Foot Follies
Friendly Fat
Virtual Health
Finding a Way Out of Grief
Deep Impact
Expecting the Unexpected

Vim & Vigor - Summer 2014 - University of Virginia