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VOLUME 69 F E AT U R ES A AIA STAFF EXECUTIVE OFFICE President & CeO 4 Kathleen Schmatz Top 10 of 2010 The year 2010 was top-rated for the association and its members, and Insider is taking the time to rewind and review some of the successes of the past year. Join us for a highlight reel of the top 10 association achievements in 2010. EDITORIAL OFFICE Publisher Richard White editOr Jennifer Ortiz seniOr GraPhiC desiGner Tom Ho C O M M u n i C at i O n s C O O r d i n at O r Marcella Tilli M u lt i - M e d i a s P e C i a l i s t Beatrice Livioco A AIA IN FORMATION Phone: 301.654.6664 Fax: 301.654.3299 E-mail: Web Site: To subscribe to Aftermarket Insider, call AAIA headquarters. 16 Business Confidence Index The first results of the AAIA/Northwood University Automotive Aftermarket Business Confidence have been released, and reveal that things are looking up for the industry in the eyes of aftermarket business leaders. We’re confident that you’ll benefit from the inaugural insight from this important index. Subscription change of address or other circulation matters, call AAIA headquarters. Mail editorial news and correspondence to Aftermarket Insider, c/o AAIA 7101 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1300 Bethesda, MD 20814-3415. AF TERMARKET INSIDER (ISSN # 1526-4475) is published bi-monthly by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association with editorial offices at 7101 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1300 Bethesda, MD 20814-3415. Phone: 301.654.6664 Fax: 301.654.3299 Web Site: POSTMASTER: Send address changes to 7101 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1300 Bethesda, MD 20814-3415. 1 1 Toolbox: Young Employees Ah, the joys of youth - energy, ambition, optimism… and inexperience. Today’s business world can be an intimidating place for young employees. Toolbox offers advice to help tomorrow’s leaders navigate through potential stormy new seas, and ease their transition from the fountain of youth. © 2011 Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association. All rights reserved. This material may be reprinted only with the expressed written permission of AAIA. Printing and charging a fee for reprints of such articles are strictly prohibited. PEFC/29-31-130

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Aftermarket Insider Issue 69

Aftermarket Insider Issue 69
President’s Message
Top 10 of 2010
Technology Update
Member Profile
Toolbox: Young Employees
Segment Update
Business Confidence Index
Market Intelligence
Green Highlight
Market Intelligence

Aftermarket Insider Issue 69