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of Ramapo Chapter, and he participated in the evening’s chapter business and “Wild Game Dinner” that followed. District 5 Lodge Officers and Junior Brothers from Sons of Pericles Chapter 317 also participated. AHEPA Yankee District 7, the competition was held at Norwich Free Academy. Nicholas Nikas, district governor for AHEPA Yankee District 7, created the tournament to help students better understand the contributions of Greek civilization. Fifteen of the 60 participants were not of Greek descent but well on their way to becoming future philhellenes. Twenty teams of three high school students each from Connecticut and Rhode Island gathered to respond to questions about ancient, Byzantine and Modern Greek history. The Yankee District was well represented with teams from Bridgeport, Danbury, Hartford, New Britain, New Haven, Norwich, Stamford and Waterbury, Conn., and also from Newport and Providence, R.I. After 19 rounds, a winning team was crowned: Alexander Antonopoulos, James Demetriades and Hristos Giannopoulos of the “Dragon Team,” sponsored by the Newport Chapter. They each received a trophy and a cash prize of $1,200. Second place went to Dylan Farley, Harry Koutros and Marissa Marandola of the “Spartan Rams,” sponsored by the Providence Chapter. Each received $450. Third place and $150 each was won by Dan Pisowloski, Jonathan Sheffield and Jenny Yee of “Veni, Vidi, Vici,” sponsored by the Norwich Chapter. Others who helped make the tournament a success were Nina Barclay, a Norwich Free Academy teacher of Latin and Greek, and the different AHEPA districts that contributed $5,000 to fund the prizes. Providing the questions were Dr. George Melikokis, Jamaica Greek American Day School principal, and Dr. James A. Poulos, alumnus of the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, Department of Middle and Near Eastern Studies. Supreme President Nicholas Karacostas also gave an introductory speech at the event, urging participants to “always remember who you are and where you came from.” Emmy Award winner Yannis Simonides performed Plato’s “Apology of Socrates,” which was followed by an awards dinner.

District 1
AHEPA Chapter 3, Birmingham, Ala.—As part of the chapter’s ongoing initiative to become more involved in the community, it has sponsored the Holy Trinity-Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Cathedral basketball team by providing the team’s uniforms. The Brethren of Chapter 3 are proud of the commitment that our young athletes show by promoting Greek Orthodox values in addition to representing the chapter.

District 6
James Plevritis Evzone Chapter 405, New Rochelle, N.Y.—The chapter conducted its 6th Annual Luncheon honoring this year’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” recipient, James Zafiros. Brother Jim, a former vice president of sales with NBC Television, is a forty-eight year member of the AHEPA and the Chapter’s VP of Marketing and Membership. Under his guidance and tutelage, the chapter has expanded from 63 members in 2005, to today where it is approaching 150. The chapter has accepted the powerful and imposing challenge of reaching a membership goal of 200 by the time it celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2011. The luncheon was preceded by an initiation of 15 new and four delinquent members.

District 3
Woodrow Wilson Chapter 241, Newport News, Va.—The chapter contributed $1,000 to support the dinner held in honor of the Ecumenical Patriarch on November 5 by the State Department and funded by the Order of AHEPA. The chapter also presented Ursula Barkers with two $500 donations for the 2009 Daily Press Holiday Fund. Chapter 241 Chairman of the Board Gary Nicholls, DOP Chapter President Zoe Lumpkin, and Chapter 241 President Nick J. Matthews made the presentation.

District 7

Students test their knowledge at Hellenic History competition
Yankee District 7—Sixty high school students took part in the first Hellenic History Tournament November 14, 2009. Sponsored by

District 5
Ramapo Chapter 453, Wyckoff, N.J.—The chapter welcomed fellow Ahepan and U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) to its chapter meeting on February 11, 2010. Rep. Garrett is a member


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The AHEPAN - Winter/Spring 2010

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