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Slow Down: We know you have places to be, but obey the speed limit and get there safely. If you can’t avoid a crash, speeding will increase the severity, which could mean the difference between a fatal crash and a fender bender.
(Almost 1/3 of all fatal crashes list SPEED as a factor - NHTSA).

Text Later: Traffic signs are the only text you should be focused on when you are behind the wheel. Save the text messages for when you reach your destination. (Studies show that motorists who use cell
phones while driving are four times as likely as those who don’t use cell phones while driving to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves – Distraction.gov).

Know Your Limitations: As a new driver there are many situations you haven’t encountered yet, and that’s okay. Avoid unnecessary risks and don’t give in to peer pressure, you still have many years of practice ahead of you!
(According to the NHTSA, driver inexperience and risk taking behavior are among the leading causes of car crashes involving teens).

your mind on the road!)

Dropped Call: Put the cell phone away! According to Carnegie Mellon studies, the distraction caused by talking on a cell phone (hands free or hands held) can cause the same driving behavior that’s exhibited by someone with a blood alcohol content of .08! (It’s important to keep your eyes and

Watch The Road: It’s tempting to fix your hair in the rear view mirror or check out how your new sunglasses look---trust us you look fine-- keep your eyes on the road.

(Across all ages driver inattention is the main cause of crashes. Studies show nearly 80% of crashes and 65% of near crashes involved driver inattention caused by some sort of distraction within three seconds of the event - Distraction. gov ).

Crowd Control: Studies show as the number of teen passengers increases, fatal crashes among 16- and 17- year-old drivers are more likely to involve a single vehicle, speeding, and driver error. (Fatality Analysis
Reporting System) (Don’t pile your friends in the car, even for short trips.)

Click It: According to AAA, wearing a safety belt reduces your chances of being hurt or killed in a crash by 45 percent! Buckle up every time you drive and make sure your passengers do the same.
(Studies show that young drivers--especially young males--are among those least likely to buckle up - NHTSA).

Give ‘em Some Space: Be aware of the space between your vehicle and the one ahead of you; if that vehicle stops suddenly you need enough space to respond safely. For a minimum “space cushion” use the two-second rule: Choose an object near or above the road ahead, such as a sign, tree or overpass. As the vehicle ahead passes it, count aloud,

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Teen Resource Guide
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A Word About Inexperience
Responsible Decisions
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Always be Prepared
Things You Will Need for the Road Test
How Can I Schedule My Road Test?
When You Pass the Road Test
Graduated Driver Licensing
Step 1: Junior Permit
Step 2: Junior License
Step 3: Senior License
Regional Restrictions At-A-Glance
New York State’s Drinking and Driving Laws and How They Affect Your Driving Privilege
Zero Tolerance
Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI)
Driving While Intoxicated
Leandra’s Law
Parent/Teen Agreement
Personal Driving Log
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