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C n ntdow u to o departure While you’re waiting at the gate to board, employees are busy getting your flight ready. by tara titcombe | Illustrations by Otto steininger > A flight dispatcher writes a report that includes the route and altitude to fly, the fuel load, airports along the way, and other details. The dispatcher then sends the report to airport authorities and the flight’s captain. > The pilots and flight attendants arrive in the crew room for a quick meeting to review both the flight report and a checklist that ensures every task is done properly before, during, and after the flight. Each group then conducts its own meeting to assign specific duties. 75 minutes before departure 70 minutes > Carts filled with meals and beverages are loaded onto a catering truck that heads to the airport. After passing through a security checkpoint, the carts are loaded onto the plane. 60 minutes > A cleaning crew disinfects lavatories and galley counters and removes service items from the cabin and galley. The crew also crosses all seat belts and, in First Class, places folded blankets and pillows on the seats. > 40 minutes > Customer bags, mail, and other > Gate agents make the pre-boarding announcement and begin assisting passengers with special needs. cargo begin loading. > The captain performs the pre- flight inspection. He or she tests the inflight systems and conducts a walk-around to examine the aircraft’s exterior. 30 minutes > Flight attendants close the doors. The jet bridge is pulled back by a gate agent, and the ground crew hooks up the pushback tractor to the plane. 25 minutes > Wheels up. bon voyage! 10 minutes 5 minutes takeoff > Gate agents begin boarding by zone. After the final boarding call, an agent prints the final passenger list and delivers it to the flight attendants and captain. > Weight and balancing numbers are called in to the pilots after the passengers, fuel, and bags are loaded. The weight and balancing team ensures that the weight is properly distributed in the plane. The captain then signs off on all paperwork and numbers. A fueler fills the plane. The fuel amount is prescribed in the prepared flight report. > The plane is pushed back from the gate by the ground crew. The tower tells the captain the assigned taxiway and runway. september 2013 49

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