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Things To Do . . . Fred turned to me yesterday and said, “I get it now why TripAdvisor and Forbes both say that Lanc aster County is one of the best Amer ican road trips.” Wow! He actually read the stuff I printed out. . . . the . . . During our buggy ride through rnoon, spectacular Amish farmlands this afte ersary I learned that this is the 25th anniv began of the movie "Witness." As the sun I to set over the fields, I imagined that Sounds was riding in a scene from the film. me cheesy, I know, but it actually gave goose bumps. . . . nna . . . We paddled the mighty Susqueha Outfitters with the folks from Shank’s Mare but she this morning. Lilly’s arms got tired, ’s unique loved it! Also heard about this year ersary activities celebrating the 300th anniv of which of Lancaster’s first settlement, one is happening this week. . . . 8 / to learn more about our advertisers, go to PaDutchcountry.com and enter the highlighted key words into the search box. http://www.PaDutchcountry.com

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Wake up in Lancaster County 2010
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Wake up in Lancaster County 2010