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COMMENTARY FROM YOUR PRESIDENT Katherine M.J. Swanson Food safety professionals from Europe and around the globe are gathering in Marseille, France, May 15–17 for the 2013 IAFP European Symposium on Food Safety. France is well known for its culinary traditions, and I look forward to sampling the local cuisine while at the meeting. I also look forward to hearing about food safety topics of concern in this important region of the world. With a global food supply, understanding the needs, concerns and underlying infrastructure available to support food safety programs in different regions can be very enlightening when assessing the needs of a truly global food safety system. For example, in the U.S., Wash-Rinse-Sanitize is the expectation for food contact surface sanitation. However, in some regions, Wash-Disinfect-Rinse is the standard procedure because disinfecting chemicals must be rinsed off prior to use. Each country has the right to address their needs for food safety, hopefully based on science and societal concerns. FROM YOUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR This issue of Food Protection Trends is full of information to help prepare you for the Annual Meeting, for FSMA and in general, to keep you informed and updated on food safety. On page 195, a special Annual Meeting section is presented. There you will find the tentative schedule of presentations, the list of exhibitors, our sponsor recognition, titles of workshops and a list of Committee and Professional Development Groups (PDGs) that will meet at IAFP 2013. Take some time to review this printed information and for up-to-date details about the meeting, you can always visit the IAFP Web site. We are expecting more than 2,500 attendees in Charlotte this year for IAFP 2013. The program is ready, the Carolinas Association for Food Protection is ready, exhibitors and sponsors are ready, and now it is time for you to get ready for your time in Charlotte. In addition to the education offered by IAFP 2013, Charlotte and the surrounding area have a lot to offer so you should consider coming early or staying after the meeting. We have links on our IAFP 2013 Web site that can help you plan additional activities in the Charlotte area. Of course if you are a NASCAR fan, you must visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame. It is very interesting and is located just across the street from the Convention Center! There are opportunities also to visit some of the team garages and the Charlotte Motor Speedway all in the nearby area. 126 FOOD PROTECTION TRENDS MAY–JUNE 2013 This is what I find so interesting about attending international meetings – listening and seeking to understand a different approach to achieving the same goal – safe food for the consuming public. The European Symposium Program Committee has assembled a worldclass program with plenary sessions addressing inspections, risk assessment, methods standardization and risk communication. Submitted symposia on raw milk, quantitative microbiology, biofilms, allergens, waterborne pathogens, STECs, parasites, animal warfare and “reasonably foreseen abuse” of food will also inform the audience. In the tradition of IAFP government, academic and industry food safety professionals are represented because it takes different perspectives to truly make positive impact in food safety management. While many of you cannot attend the European meeting, hopefully you are planning to attend IAFP’s Annual Meeting in Charlotte from July 28–31. IAFP international symposia and affiliate meetings also provide great venues for exchange of food safety information. IAFP meetings on different continents play an important role to Advance Food Safety Worldwide. I look forward to seeing as many IAFP Members as possible at upcoming IAFP meetings! David W. Tharp As Katie mentions in her column above, the European Symposium on Food Safety is May 15–17 in Marseille, France. We expect to see a record number of attendees this year based on the interest expressed through abstract submissions. They nearly doubled over the prior year! We want to thank our sponsors for the meeting in Marseille as we would not be able to support such a meeting without their help. Looking forward to the fourth quarter of this year, we have lots planned. First up is the Asia Pacific Symposium on Food Safety that will be held in Taipei, Taiwan over the dates of October 29 to November 1. Immediately following that meeting, the China International Food Safety and Quality Conference + Expo will take place in Beijing. It is scheduled for November 6 and 7. Then, to finish out the year, the Dubai International Food Safety Conference will be in Dubai (of course) on November 17, 18 and 19. International meetings where IAFP has been involved now for the past six to eight years have really expanded our network. The meetings have directly attributed to IAFP’s Membership growth and to our increased Annual Meeting attendance. They have also opened up communication among food safety professionals around the world. We hope you might be able to join us at one of the IAFP meetings held outside of North America – if not this year, maybe in the future.

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Food Protection Trends - May/june 2013
Measuring Self-Efficacy of Food Safety in Middle School Populations
Food Safety Knowledge Among Restaurant Food Handlers in NeuchâTel, Switzerland
Video Observation and Data Coding Methods
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General Interest Paper: Food Safety Risks of Mycotoxins
General Interest Paper: Fao/who Project Report
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Food Protection Trends - May/June 2013