Pharmacy Perspectives - Summer/Fall 2017 - 3


School's out for the
summer, but not
for these students!



'm going to be honest, at the
beginning of the five weeks
I was like, oh great, I have to
spend my summer coming to
school every day from 9-5, but I
mean it was the experience of a
lifetime," explains Sanam Dean,
a high school junior. She participated in the CU
Pre-Health Scholars Program (CUPS), one of the
summer programs offered by the Office of Inclusion
and Outreach on the Anschutz Medical Campus.
Students in CUPS receive mentoring and participate in focused lessons and field trips, introducing
them to all health care professions, including pharmacy, which is taught by student ambassadors from
CU Skaggs School of Pharmacy. In the pharmacy
class students learned about different diseases, how
to identify diseases and the types of antibiotics
and medications that help. "We teach basically
an introduction to infectious disease class and we
do some basic compounding and other pharmacy
related activities. It's been really fun to engage with
high school students," says instructor Miranda Bell,
a student ambassador and third-year pharmacy
student with the CU Skaggs School of Pharmacy.

Course Selected as One
of the Best in the Nation


ive faculty members - Drs. Krishna Mallela,
David Bain, John Carpenter, Kris Fritz and
Kari Franson -- collaborated to transform
the Applied Biological Chemistry course
and recently received national recognition
for their efforts. Incorporating active
learning strategies, the course resulted in students
learning the material better while improving class
participation and performance.

Undergraduate college students also spent time on
campus this summer through the Undergraduate PreHealth Program, or UPP. The Office of Diversity and
Inclusion partners with Kaiser Permanente Health
Plan of Colorado for the 13-month program.
The program gives students the opportunity to
explore all types of health careers. They get direct
access to faculty, deans and staff on the Anschutz
Medical Campus, and are able to work in research, both clinical and scientific, and shadow
health care professionals.
Two of the UPP students spent their summer
at CU Skaggs School of Pharmacy, "All the doctors,
all the pharmacists, everyone, they're so willing to
take time out of their busy day and sit down and
talk to you. They'll explain their specialty, explain
how it works, explain what they're doing and they'll
step you through a process," explains UC Denver
microbiology student Stephanie Gedney. Stephanie
continues, "the program really helped open my mind
this summer." She was able to assist with research and
shadow several pharmacists working in local clinics
and at University Hospital.
Some students aren't sure which area of health
care they want to pursue and UPP can help them
discover what they really want to do. For student
Dewi Heinselman though, she's always been interested in pharmacy. "Growing up I always had a love
for chemistry and I always wanted to help people,
but I knew the doctor route wasn't right for me
because surgery, blood, that's not really my style.
I didn't really like that. One of my mentors was a
pharmacist, and she kind of got me into the field.
This summer I just decided to explore it a bit more."
Along with also shadowing pharmacists in clinics
and at University Hospital, Heinselman worked in

The course was recognized as one of the best
in the nation (along with Vanderbilt, Baylor,
Texas A&M, and University of Florida) among all
schools of Dentistry, Medicine, and Pharmacy
during the 2017 Association of Biochemistry
Educators (ABE) Conference.
"As a former Biochemistry major, I felt that
this course added valuable information to my
biochemistry knowledge. The integration of active
learning strategies allowed students to engage
in a deeper level and the application to disease
states allowed students to understand relevance
to pharmacy practice. Additionally, the student
presentations provided valuable practice in professional communication to a large audience," says
third-year pharmacy student Wendy Serrano.

Check out our video on the summer programs on our YouTube
channel at:

the labs at the school of pharmacy, assisting with
compounding, sodium bicarbonate testing for
UCHealth, and research. "We're actually working
on pig ears to see the absorption levels of different
types of topical creams," she explains.
While it may be hard getting used to the idea of going
to school in the summer, students in both programs say
the experience and knowledge they gain was worth it.
"It's a chance to see things in action, which I may have
only learned about from textbooks," says Heinselman.
For more on the CUPS program on the University of
Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.
For more on the UPP program:

Drs. Mallela, Fritz, Franson and Bain


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