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INDUSTRY NEWS The El Paso Water Utilities in Texas has successfully implemented Trimble Fieldport software to enhance its utility field operations. The Trimble Fieldport software is an interactive Geographic Information System (GIS) map-based mobile work management solution for utility field workers. With the deployment of Trimble Fieldport software on field crew mobile computers and integration to its Customer Information System (CIS), El Paso Water is optimizing its processes for customer service and field operations work planning in real-time. In addition, enhanced management reporting functionality is now helping the utility improve operational efficiency, reliability of service and increase worker productivity by ensuring that the right resources are available at the right time. With Trimble Fieldport software, El Paso Water is improving critical work processes such as customer field service by efficiently dispatching field crews as well as optimizing field inspection activities and field data collection for better asset management. In addition to streamlining communication between the field and the office, Trimble Fieldport has also enabled more effective distribution of work orders, both at the beginning of the shift and throughout the day. Previously, work order completion information was manually entered into the CIS by office staff the following day. Now, with Trimble Fieldport’s wireless synchronization, work orders are closed within minutes of the work being completed. Since dispatchers can now see the progress of each field worker, this also means they can distribute new work orders as soon as they are generated throughout the day, rather than handling work communicated over the radio and jotted down on a piece of paper by the service worker. “Being able to synchronize data and have real-time updates between the field and the office throughout the day makes us more efficient on a number of levels,” said Armando Renteria, Chief Information Officer, El Paso Water Utilities. “For example, it’s easier to get through our backlog of lower priority work, things like fixing a cracked meter box, because we can easily track the progress and reassign those jobs based on workload and location of our employees in the field, rather than leaving those work orders in the service trucks to be completed at the discretion of the worker.” Swedish district energy specialists Mittel Group has acquired Pipeguard, its long term partner in the monitoring of district energy networks. Mittel is an energy technology company that specializes in building and maintaining advanced and qualitative systems for district energy. The acquisition of Pipeguard is described as strategic for Mittel since monitoring of district energy systems is an integral part of maintaining the systems. Pipeguard’s solutions for monitoring of district energy systems, providing early detection of leaks supplements Mittel’s other business areas. Pipeguard (also known as PG Monitoring System) supplies a range of products for the measurement of moisture and the leakage in the distribution of heat and cooling in district energy systems. Pipeguard’s alarm systems are used to automatically monitor pre-insulated pipes, providing a current status report on the condition of the network. Maintenance and surveillance staff can check water levels and temperatures in hundreds of network chambers from the comfort of their offices or vehicles without actually having to go underground. El Paso Water Utilities Implements Trimble Fieldport Mobile Software to Streamline Customer Field Service the foundational system, among other systems, that is enabling the Navy to comply with congressional mandates to reduce its energy consumption. This win is a direct result of the energy efficiency achievements made by the Navy SmartGrid Pilot Program, powered by 3eTI’s EnergyGuard and VirtualGuard systems, which are implementing energy efficiency and critical infrastructure protection solutions to protect Navy bases from disasters, accidents and attacks. For the EICS implementation, 3eTI has been selected to design, develop and securely integrate the Navy’s disparate industrial controls systems across several NDW bases into a central facility operations center while preserving legacy investments in building automation systems. Open Systems International, Inc. (OSI) has been selected by a prominent global renewable energy company to supply a new Generation Management System (GMS) that will be used to control and monitor their entire fleet of wind generation sites in various energy markets, including 11 sites currently in ERCOT, one site in PJM, one site in NYISO and one site under construction in MISO, along with provision for future wind plants in RTO and non-RTO markets. This state-of-the-art new GMS system will be based on OSI’s monarch (Multi-platform Open Network ARCHitecture) platform and is set to feature the advanced functionality of OSI’s next-generation, .NET based Graphical User Interface (GUI) as well as OSI’s alarm management system, real-time and historical trending, communications front-end processor, historical information system and data archiving, secure inter-control center communications protocol, automatic generation control and dispatch, energy market control algorithm and market operations system software products, with monarch interfaces to OPC, ODBC and PI Historian. Renewable Energy Company Selects OSI’s Generation Management System for Entire USA Wind Fleet Mittel Acquires Long Term Monitoring Partner Pipeguard Telvent GIT, S.A. has been chosen by Progress Energy to integrate its Smart Grid solutions technologies with Telvent’s weather forecasts in order to dynamically and more accurately predict load for its distribution system and optimize its energy efficiency programs. Progress Energy, which serves approximately 3.1 million customers in the Carolinas and Florida, is implementing Telvent’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition/Distribution Management System (SCADA/DMS) as part of its EnergyWise smart grid initiative. The system helps operators accurately predict electrical load and make real-time dynamic adjustments, resulting in the optimization of the existing grid. Because weather accounts for up to 90 percent of load forecasting demand variation, the SCADA/DMS system requires comprehensive historical and precision-forecasted weather data in order to achieve maximum efficiency on the grid. Telvent Selected to Provide Integrated Weather and Smart Grid Solutions Ultra Electronics, 3eTI, has received a $10 Million award from the US Navy to implement an Enterprise Industrial Controls System (EICS) built on 3eTI’s EnergyGuard and VirtualGuard solutions. EnergyGuard is a cyber secure sensor networking system that will integrate the Naval District Washington (NDW) region’s Direct Digital Controls (DDC) and SCADA systems into an enterprise network. VirtualGuard is a secure wireless video network system that enables critical infrastructure protection and connects remote sensors to security operations centers to facilitate alerts, response to, and analysis of security events. Both adhere to the DoD Instruction on Information Assurance (IA) Implementation and the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requirements. The EICS solution is 24 3eTI Receives $10 Million Award to Implement Enterprise Industrial Controls System for US Navy Telit Wireless Solutions has announced that its M2M modules will enable connectivity for remote monitoring applications from Alta Industrial Automation Ltd. (AIA). Leveraging Telit’s G24 and H24 modules for its Pioneer and GoFer product lines, AIA enables real-time monitoring of a wide range of mobile and fixed industrial assets, such as gas lines, irrigation systems, chemical tanks and automotive fleets. “With cellular connectivity enabled by Telit wireless modules, AIA customers achieve reliable end-to-end monitoring and control solutions for their fixed or mobile assets,” said Gary Allbee, president, AIA. “Our customers can now quickly and conveniently connect their assets to the Internet and manage their devices with our platform.” Equipped with Telit’s G24 and H24 modules, variations of AIA’s Pioneer and GoFer devices feature low power consumption to extend the life of remote M2M deployments. Paired with AIA’s C-DAQ Tracker Server software, Pioneer products are available as out-of-the-box solutions, fully certified and requiring no programming for remote site and asset monitoring. Telit M2M Technology Enables Alta Automation’s Remote Monitoring Solutions

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Remote - Special SCADA issue 2012
Re-Inventing SCADA for the Next Generation Enterprise
Securing Automation within Critical Infrastructures for SCADA Security
As the Brain, So the Body: The PLC Market and Automation
Reducing Labor Costs and Increasing Investor Confidence With Real-Time Monitoring of Photovoltaic Energy Network
Advantages of the DNP3 Communications Protocol in Water & Wastewater Telemetry Systems
Hardwire vs. Wireless Failsafe Control Systems
Advantech Introduces IEC 61850-3/IEEE 1613 Compliant Substation Automation Platform
CalAmp Launches Fusion-LTE 4G Broadband Router Platform for Smart Grid Applications
El Paso Water Utilities Implements Trimble Fieldport Mobile Software to Streamline Customer Field Service

Remote - Special SCADA issue 2012