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Wine&Spirits ISSUE ARCHIVE DIGITAL EDITION Jacques Lardière Send Off Prior to his retirement at the end of 2012, Jadot's iconoclast winemaker stopped in at the W&S offices for a blind tasting. FOLLOW US ON THe LaTeST FrOm THe WIne & SPIrITS BLOG FALL 2012 ISSUE Vegetable Terroir While compiling our special fall 2012 issue devoted to the topic of terroir, we began to wonder why the word never comes up in the context of other foods. by Tara Q. Thomas posted on Jul 27, 2012 by Joshua Greene posted on Jul 20, 2012 AUGUST 2012 THe LaTeST FrOm THe PrInT eDITIOn False Identity Jamie Goode and Sam Harrop consider the fine line between regional signature and wine faults. Hi-Fidelity Terroir David Schildknecht on the flavors of riesling that reflect subtle or dramatic shis in the slate soils of the mosel and Saar river valleys. JUNE 2012 PHOTO EXCLUSIVE - an out take from atlantic Granite APRIL 2012 FEBRUARY 2012 DOmaIne De La PéPIère’S CLOS DeS BrIOrDS In muSCaDeT

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Wine & Spirits - Fall 2012

Wine & Spirits - Fall 2012
Can You Taste Terroir?
Bordeaux Underground
False Identity
Life in the Dirt
Hi-Fidelity Terroir
Dirt Prophets
Five Elements
Terroir Top 100
Vegetable Terroir

Wine & Spirits - Fall 2012