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PRESIDENT’S LETTER Looking forward to a few days of education and inspiration Ideation is at the heart of what we do. We look at trends, both macro and micro, consider the goals of our respective organizations and develop products we hope will one day succeed in the marketplace. To people unfamiliar with our profession, it may seem somewhat easy. But ideation and product development become difficult when the reality of price point, shelf life, color stability and a host of other technical challenges are taken into consideration. Finding that balance between culinary innovation and technical troubleshooting is the sweet spot of product development success. In the discipline of Culinology, education is the cornerstone of repeat success. That is why I am looking forward to our annual meeting and exposition, which will be held in San Antonio March 21-24. Within a period of a few days I will have the opportunity to listen to many of my peers share their expertise and learn about new methods I may be able to use to find that product development sweet spot. Our annual meeting is a true reflection of Culinology. It is one of the few events where the trends of the halal marketplace, menu innovation and sustainability are intertwined with technology focused sessions that address the use of natural extracts, high-oleic soybean oil and smoke to develop flavors. And for those who may want more in depth information about ingredient technologies and applications there is our annual exposition that features the handson expertise of the food and beverage industry’s leading suppliers. The annual meeting is also an excellent opportunity to network with our peers and learn about how our business is changing. The meeting will feature several sessions focused on career development and education. In this industry continuing education is critical to success, because the pace of innovation is constantly increasing. It may not be as fast as the technology sector, where the smartphones many of us carry today are as powerful as the laptop computers that were introduced just a decade ago, but it is rapidly changing nonetheless. To keep pace requires an investment of time, and the annual meeting and exposition offers an excellent return on investment, as our colleagues in the accounting department would say. I hope to see you at this year’s meeting so we may learn together in an effort to prepare for the changes that lie ahead. Janet Carver President | Research Chefs Association BOARD MEMBERS PRESIDENT Janet Carver Senior Culinology Group Leader National Starch Food Innovation VICE-PRESIDENT Christian “Kit” Kiefer, CEC, CCE, AAC, FMP Dir. Culinary Services/Corp. Exec. Chef Schwan’s Food Service, Inc. TREASURER Marilyn Carlson Owner/Principal Culinologist Dogwood Solutions SECRETARY Charles Hayes, CRC, CEC Director of Culinary - National Accounts Awrey Bakeries LLC IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Harry J. Crane Executive Chef Kraft Culinary Center of Excellence DIRECTORS Kevin Anderson Owner Kevin M. Anderson, LLC Alison Brushaber President Hail Merry Snacks, LLC John Draz, CEC, CCE Executive Research Chef Ed Miniat, Inc. Susan Edwards, CC Foodservice Manager Sealed Air/Cryovac Dianna Fricke, CRC, CWPC Executive Chef, Research & Development J.R. Simplot Company Michael Leitner Sr. Executive Chef ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston Christopher R. Loss, Ph.D., AOS Director, Menu Research & Development The Culinary Institute of America Allison Rittman, CRC Corporate Chef/Owner Culinary Culture Marshall Scarborough Research & Development Chef Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen Suzanne Vieira, MS, RD Department Chair Johnson & Wales University BOARD MEMBER AT LARGE Wylie Dufresne Chef/Owner WD-50 Restaurant 4I CULINOLOGY I DECEMBER 2011

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