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Industry Activities  Millers in ‘deep dive’ exploring possible vitamin D fortification ASHEVILLE, N.C. — An intensive study by the North American Millers’ Association into the possible fortification of flour is well under way, said Mary Waters, president of NAMA. Depending on the outcome of its work, the project could lead many, but probably not all, milling companies to fortify flour with vitamin D. Ms. Waters highlighted the NAMA work on vitamin D in an interview conducted Oct. 27 following the group’s board of directors meeting at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville. The group’s vitamin D work to date culminated last summer with a draft petition presented to representatives of the Food and Drug Administration. The draft proposes an amendment to the food additive regulation for vitamin D to allow the addition of up to 80 I.U. (2 mcg) of vitamin D per 30 grams of refined (enriched or unenriched) and whole grain bagged and bulk wheat flour. At this level, 20% of the daily value of vitamin D would be incorporated into flour at its Reference Amount Customarily Consumed level. As such, flour and certain flour-based foods would qualify for package labels to carrying a claim of “excellent source of vitamin D.” Ms. Waters said NAMA, in exploring fortification of flour with vitamin D, is responding to a 2010 report from the federal government (Institute of Medicine) showing nutritional deficiencies of vitamin D across significant parts of the U.S. population. Vitamin D long has been known as an important nutrient for bone health. More recently, it has been identified as helping diminish the risk of a wide range of maladies. A leading authority of the subject, Michael F. Holick, a professor at the Boston University School of Medicine, has described a “vitamin D deficiency pandemic,” increasing risk of children and adults developing common deadly cancers, schizophrenia, infectious diseases including tuberculosis and influenza, autoimmune diseases including type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis, type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Dr. Holick offered a lively presentation on the topic during the NAMA annual meeting general session. “For some time, vitamin D was something NAMA had discussed in passing,” Ms. Waters said. “We haven’t seriously researched a role for flour as a vehicle for vitamin D through fortification. With Dan Dye leading the Nutrition Committee, we started digging down. I would describe this as a project. What would it look like? What would it entail? We brought in the Technical Committee for assistance.” Technical issues include figuring out mechanisms to physically add the vitamin D to the flour. “It will not be included in the enrichment package and so will require a separate means of addition,” Ms. Waters said. “It adds technical complexity to milling.” The project has received NAMA funding for legal costs associated with the petition work as well as the hiring of an expert scientific consultant to explore, among other issues, the amount of vitamin D that could safely be added to flour without creating risks of overexposure. The consultant’s testing concluded overexposure will not be an issue, Ms. Waters said. The objective, Ms. Waters said, is to advance a claim of “excellent source” in both enriched wheat and whole wheat-based foods. “A challenge will be bringing an industry together to a unified position,” she said. Some millers have noted bakers aren’t specifically asking for flour with vitamin D added, a point Ms. Waters acknowledged. Still, she said the lack of customer “pull” should not rule out the possibility adding vitamin D could be worthwhile. “Customers weren’t really asking for folic acid either,” she said. Still, she said durum millers have said they will not participate in the petition at the present time. “The Executive Committee has talked with the Nutrition Committee to develop the steps that will be needed to bring Following its annual board of directors meeting, the North American Millers’ Association board gathered for a photo at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville. 14 / November 13, 2012 Milling & Baking News /

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Milling & Baking News - November 13, 2012
Change agent at General Mills, NAMA chairman celebrates ‘noble’ industry
Countering higher input costs, B.B.U. to raise prices in November
Late News - Flat Flowers earnings after one-time charge
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Data - January-September flour output reaches new record high
Financial Results - Mondelez earnings down 29% in third quarter, sales fall 2%
Oreo, belVita buoy biscuit business at Mondelez
CSM B.S.N.A. unit performs well in tough market
Morning foods wake up at Kellogg
Industry Activities - Millers in ‘deep dive’ exploring possible vitamin D fortification
Meyer elected vice-chair of NAMA; two honorary memberships named
Merchandising - Winners in America’s Best Raisin Bread Contest crowned
Business - Bakers look to resume operations in wake of Hurricane Sandy
Flowers acquiring Bimbo assets in California, Oklahoma
With Wisconsin project, Horizon doubling whole wheat capacity
Baker’s Pride opens new donut plant
Wind farm built to supply power to Bimbo in Mexico begins operating
Strikes may be looming at Hostess Brands baking plants
Mondelez to close Mr. Christie cookie plant in Toronto
Red Star, Lesaffre to raise yeast prices
ADM opens sweetener transfer terminal in Chattanooga
Nutrition and Health - Whole Grain Stamp success spans participating companies of all sizes
Food Ingredient Solutions - Indulge in extras
Milling Technology - ADM Milling expanding Beech Grove flour mill
The Andersons agrees to major grain facility acquisition
Gavilon opens grain facility in South Dakota
POET-DSM buys equipment for cellulose production
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Weather Outlook - In marked change, world weather pattern transitioning to ‘normal
Washington - Elections may bring little change to Senate ag committee
Farm bill fate uncertain in lame duck session of Congress
U.S.D.A. offers assistance to hurricane victims
People - With Cargill c.f.o. resignation, David MacLennan to fill in
Brad Pederson named supply chain manager at Caravan Ingredients
ADM taps two for management positions
Transportation and Distribution - N.G.F.A. seeks easier path to contest ‘unreasonable’ rail rates
Nutrition and Health - Initiative shows gains in nutrition content in children’s cereal
Ingredient Market Trends - U.S.D.A. raises forecasts for U.S. and world 2012-13 wheat ending stocks
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Milling & Baking News - November 13, 2012