The Crush May 2023 - 1

Volume 49 | Issue 5 | May 2023
Article by Ted Rieger
Recent winter and spring precipitation provided a
welcome relief for California after years of drought
helped replenish soil and forest moisture levels and
should provide a later start to fire season. However,
this precipitation has stimulated the growth of weeds
and vegetation to increase fuel loads and fire risks as
dry conditions and higher temperatures return for the
summer. Winter storms also blew down trees and limbs
adding to fuel loads in some locations. Weed and fuel
removal and management are especially important
this year for fire safety, particularly for vineyards and
properties near the wildland-urban interface (WUI). This
applies to non-cultivated lands on vineyard properties
and weeds and cover crops within vineyards.
Even vineyard owners with properties that are relatively
fire safe should support regional efforts to prevent
uncontrolled wildfires as they can still be directly affected
by fires that occur elsewhere. A fire miles away from a
vineyard can potentially expose grapes
to smoke that can result in crop losses
or buyer rejections. In addition, wildfires
and associated risks continue to be
a major factor in the availability and
cost of property insurance for growers
and residents statewide. The following
provides information on regional and
statewide resources and organizations
that can assist with reducing wildfire
risks and impacts.
Napa Vintners Fund Wildfire
Resiliency Projects
The Napa Valley Vintners (NVV)
and Napa Valley Grape Growers
actively support
regional efforts and
Smoke from nearby wildfires blankets Napa Valley's vineyards as fire
teams work to contain the flames.
organizations to improve fire resiliency in Napa County
and to reduce property damage and grape crop losses,
particularly since the Wine Country Fires of 2017. These
efforts include organizing an annual Napa Fire Resources
Fair for area residents, businesses, and landowners
featuring local fire agencies, organizations, and vendors
to assist with creating and maintaining fire-resilient
structures and lands.
NVV supports and works with The Napa Communities
Firewise Foundation (Napa Firewise) and Napa County
Resource Conservation District (RCD). As a result of
fundraising in 2022, NVV announced in April a donation
of $2.1 million to Napa Firewise, the RCD, and other
local organizations to use beginning this year to: reestablish
or create up to 100 miles of fire roads and
fire breaks in Napa County, establish up to 300 acres
of native habitat to reduce wildfire risk and maximize
ecological benefits, and provide resources and education

The Crush May 2023

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