Bucks Writs - Spring 2017 - 24

goat cheese salad. I had the grilled
Our other entrée was the
octopus. Barley Sheaf prepares
skirt steak despite this cut's
all their plates with fresh, quality
notorious reputation for
ingredients. The beets were tender
being tough. Not this time.
and flavorful. The goat cheese
It was grilled to medium,
was tasty and creamy enough to
soothe the palate. The octopus was
exactly as requested and
perfectly grilled. Since we were close
was genuinely tender and
to the kitchen counter, I used the
seasoned to perfection.
opportunity to ask the chef what he
recommended as entrees. Monkfish
was not on the menu but that was
The dishes were
his suggestion. It was delicious, served with a garnish of
even better than
crawfish. Our other entrée was the skirt steak despite
they appear
this cut's notorious reputation for being tough. Not this
in the photos.
time. It was grilled to medium, exactly as requested and
Barley Sheaf provides all of the elements that make for
was genuinely tender and seasoned to perfection. By
a great dining experience. The tables are beautifully
the time we were finished with our second course, we
set. The service is professional. The food is plated in
were full. But the Hungry Lawyer knows his journalistic
the most appetizing design, a visual prelude to the
obligations so we forced ourselves to end our meal with
taste treats delivered. Sauces and garnishes not only
dessert. We chose the strawberry churros with white
enhance the appearance of the food, they enhance the
chocolate, rhubarb, and mint and the Meyer lemon tartlet
flavors to allow the diner to experience the quality and
(such a decadent word) with huckleberry and meringue.
preparation of everything on the plate. Unlike too many
Both were perfect.
restaurants today, no matter what the cuisine, nothing
at Barley Sheaf is drowned in sauce to the degree that
the main ingredient, whether it be meat, fish, chicken or
seafood, might just as well be a lump of white bread.

Alas, nothing is perfect, even at Barley Sheaf. I would like
to see a better system employed to let the wait staff know
that a dish is ready. Hot food on a hot plate does not stay
that way even when placed on the counter under a heat
lamp. That is where some plates sat for just a tiny bit too
long. Servers should use napkins between their thumb and
the plate, a feature common in Europe and New Orleans
but inexplicably rare in the rest of the United States. It was
fascinating to watch the chefs work as a team to prepare
each delicious meal but they should dress more like they
work in the kitchen of a fine dining establishment than like
the members of the house band at Puck's.

We enjoyed our meal with a moderately priced bottle
of Pauillac Gran Bin de Bourdeaux 2010. It definitely
exceeded our expectations. It was light enough to not
overwhelm the fish but still strong enough to stand
up to the steak. And its tart characteristics helped to
amplify the sweet flavors of our desserts.
Josh Homacki is the young executive chef. He has an
excellent resume and it shows. Check the menu on-line
as it changes often. Other dishes that we have enjoyed
include the scallops and game meats. Vegetables,
available as sides, are deliciously prepared and often
are the excellent structure around which our vegetarian
friend designs her meals. There is no reason to ever
be bored with the food. Service at 18% is automatically added to the check. Since tipping a minimum
of 20% is our preference for top service, frequently
we leave an extra few dollars. Our servers at Barley
Sheaf have always earned the extra gratuity. Credit
cards are accepted.
We have always found dining at Barley Sheaf to be a
pleasure. I am sure that you will agree. 


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