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NEW PRODUCTS Send information about new products to: By Steve Aust Matthews Low-VOC Coating Matthews Paint (Delaware, OH), which has produced industrial coatings for more than 75 years, offers MAP-LV Ultra Low VOC acrylic-polyurethane coatings. The paints contain less than 50g/liter of VOCs. The Ultra Low VOC products meet or exceed most LEED compliance levels, and reportedly provide 50% stronger direct- and reverse-impact resistance, and 25% better gloss retention, than comparable, industrial-grade polyurethanes. Matthews formulates the paints with heavy pigment contents, to provide better hiding characteristics, and its heavy-solids formula is designed to maximize paint saturation per pass. MAP-LV paints bond with aluminum, steel, polycarbonate, styrene and acrylic. Matthews offers satin- and glossfinish toners in 25 colors, white-epoxy and tinted-polyurethane primers, and gloss-, satin- and matte-finish clearcoats. Complementing reducers, hardeners and an accelerator additive are available to improve coating performance. And. Matthews offers 6405SP ultra-low-VOC wax and grease remover. The company also markets low- and conventional-VOC, acrylicpolyurethane topcoats. (800) 947-0377; One Shot LLC Lettering Enamels One Shot LLC (Chicago) manufactures 1Shot® glossy, oil-based lettering enamels for use on metal, glass, wood, vinyl and enamel-receptive banners. According to the company, the coatings provide strong hiding, durability and fade resistance, with flow that prevents brush marks and provides clean, sharp edges. 1Shot may be applied with rollers, brushes or sprayers; the company advises application between 65º and 85º F, and cautions that it won’t dry below 50º F. One Shot LLC also offers accompanying tints, clearcoats, hardeners and brush cleaners. (773) 646-2778; Akzo Nobel Acrylic-Polyurethane Topcoat Akzo Nobel (Norcoss, GA) produces Grip-Gard® Plus high-solid, two-component, acrylic-polyurethane topcoats for metal signage and architectural graphics. The coating may be reduced to spray at 2.8, 3.5 or 4.0 VOC lbs./gallon, which enables adapting to various environmental requirements. Grip-Gard Plus comprises an intermix system with 26 toners, which allows it to be mixed to match thousands of solid or metallic colors with varying gloss levels. The company also offers Grip-Gard BC, a basecoat designed for sign applications; Grip-Flex®, a flexible, translucent paint designed to coat most plastics and vinyls; and AutoPrep™ pre-treatment wipes, which produce a chrome-free conversion coating that bonds with metal surfaces and enhances adhesion and corrosion resistance. (800) 618-1010; Muralo Vinyl-Wallcovering Primer Muralo (Bayonne, NJ) offers Adhesium 8400, a vinyl-wallcovering primer. The primer dries to a transparent, clear finish that won’t discolor adjacent surfaces, and improves wallcovering adhesions to glossy enamels, tiles, Formica®, glass and previously hung vinyl in good condition. Adhesium 8400 is also recommended for such porous surfaces as plaster, sheetrock and wallboard. The primer may be applied with a brush, roller or pad, and shouldn’t be mixed with paint or thinner. The surface must be at least 50º F during application. According to the company, a single gallon covers approximately 600 sq. ft. of wall surface; porous surfaces require slightly more coating. Muralo also manufactures Superfinish acrylic, matte-finish coatings designed for composite materials, primed metal, plaster and drywall, and latex flat paints for interior walls and ceilings. (201) 437-0770; 34 SIGNS OF THE TIMES / JULY 2012 / Photo courtesy of Star Signs, LLC Product Showcase: Paints/Coatings

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Signs of the Times - June 2012
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Technology Review
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Signs of the Times - July 2012