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Market Trends and Analysis The Column August 2006 QA/QC 3% Other 1% Market Profile: Analytical Service 6% Fast LC Methods Development 16% The market for high performance liquid chromatography R&D 74% HPLC continues to be one of the most dynamic markets of the analytical instruments industry. Just a few years ago, the HPLC market began showing signs of maturity with very little product innovation and slower growth rates. However, innovations in mass spectrometry MS helped to fuel growth for the HPLC market. But, in many instances, HPLC was somewhat of an afterthought and considered to be a mere inlet to MS. Despite this, the recent introduction and development of new, fast LC systems is re-energizing the HPLC market. Fast LC Demand by Lab Function Most of the major HPLC vendors now have fast LC capabilities. HPLC technician can quickly re-run the sample with little disruption However, the methods in which the systems achieve fast in the laboratory workflow simply because fast LC methods are separations are different for each vendor. Product and designed for shorter runtimes. In fact, vendors have exhibited technological comparisons to determine the best system is difficult runtimes that are nearly 40 times faster than standard HPLC. to surmise because of the number of variables that need to be Another benefit of fast LC is the ability to develop methods considered. There are pros and cons for each of the technological faster. Again, because the runtimes are significantly shorter, users platforms, and the weights of the variables will vary depending on can reduce the optimization process of their methods simply the application and the user. because they can string more runs in a particular day. Furthermore, Fast LC purveyors offer the chromatographer many choices. labs running a 24 hour operation could effectively consolidate to a Customers can choose a dedicated unit by simply selecting the fast single shift. In addition, the benefits of other parameters such as LC option or adding a module to an existing HPLC. Pricing also lowered solvent/sample use, increased flexibility, enhanced varies depending on the vendor and model selection. Likewise, sensitivity and better resolution certainly make fast LC very column technology can be proprietary or open system , thus cost compelling for any HPLC user. of ownership can be an issue depending on utilization rates. Even The foregoing data was extracted and adapted from Instrument though all the fast LC systems offer significant improvements in Business Outlook, an SDi publication, and SDi's Global Assessment performance, there are clear differences between each offering that Report, 9th Edition. For more information, contact Glenn must be matched to application requirements. Cudiamat, vice president of Research Services, Strategic Directions Nevertheless, the interest and use of fast LC systems are certainly International Inc., increasing at a fast pace because of several obvious benefits such as Vendor Model 6242 Westchester throughput, sensitivity and resolution. SDi estimates R&D labs Parkway, Suite 100, currently account for the majority of the fast LC market. In particular, Agilent 1200 Rapid Resolution LC Los Angeles, high throughput R&D labs are benefiting from the advantages of Dionex Ultimate 3000 & 52 Dual LC California 90045, fast LC technologies. But, several not so obvious benefits are being Flux Rheos Allegro Ultra HPLC USA, discovered by HPLC users and have consequently expanded the tel. +1 310 641 4982, market into the mainstream. Jasco X-LC fax +1 310 641 8851, At the surface, fast LC might be overkill in terms of performance Shimadzu Prominence HT HPLC e-mail: for the average laboratory. Does the lab really need to go any faster? Thermo Accela cudiamat@strategic- Perhaps not, but labs can definitely increase their overall productivity. Water ACQUITY UPLC Faster analysis also means that when an error occurs in the run, the Author: Glenn Cudiamat E-mail: 10

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The Column - August 2006