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Control what you consume! A dopting healthier eating and drinking habits can be easier than you think. Below are some tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta on how to … LIDIKO / PHOTOSPIN PAUL HAKIMATA / PHOTOSPIN 1. Calculate a healthy food budget for your family, based on USDA’s LowCost Food Plan. (www. savings/fooddollar) 2. Create a meal plan for the week that uses similar fruits and vegetables, prepared in different ways. 3. Cook enough for several meals and freeze leftovers. 4. Buy fruits and vegetables in season at farmers markets or at your local grocery store. JUPITERIMAGES / PHOTOSPIN Fit more fruits and vegetables into your diet and your budget 5. Cook homemade soup as a healthy and tasty way to use vegetables. 6. Buy canned fruits and vegetables, which will last a long time and can be a healthy addition to a variety of meals. 7. Freeze fruits and vegetables until you’re ready to add them to a meal. 8. Get creative with your leftover fruits and vegetables. Make salsa from your tomatoes and smoothies from your fruits. July 2013 9. Pick your own produce at local farms in the late summer and early fall. 10. Grow your own vegetables. Invest a little in seeds, and get a lot of vegetables in return. Try indoor pots or greenhouse growing for the cooler months. ( Avoid portion-control problems 1. Spoil your dinner. If you feel hungry between meals, eat a healthy snack such as a piece of fruit or small salad to avoid overeating during your next meal. 2. Don’t eat from the bag. When you snack in front of the TV, choose the amount that you plan to eat and put it into a bowl. It’s easy to overeat when your attention is focused elsewhere. (Continued on page 38B) More online at 38A

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Georgia Magazine - July 2013
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Georgia Magazine - July 2013