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tHInkStoCk knossos games go team by tim boester as the director of the local high school marching band, it is your responsibility to coordinate the position of each band member during every performance. Unfortunately, since the band is so small, in order to satisfy the principal’s request to spell out “go team” during the next halftime, the band will have to spell out one letter at a time. You’ve drawn up the diagrams on the right in order to move each band member as quickly as possible from one letter to the next. But you also need to keep certain band members together: all woodwinds (tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, piccolo, flute, clarinet); two trumpets; remaining brass (trombone, tuba, french horn); and four sextets (multi-tenor drums). each group may be reordered from letter to letter, but they need to stand next to each other in each formation. the remaining percussion (bass drum and marching xylophone) should merge the ends of the g to become the o, but can otherwise float during the performance. the length and characteristics of the song being performed dictate the following: • once completing the o, band members will march around clockwise before breaking to form the t. • the bass drum should be the instrument to march from the bottom of the o to the top of the t. • the piccolo should be at the base of the t, with the flute right behind it. • the xylophone should be next to the tenor saxophone in the e. • the bass drum should be next to the tuba, and the french horn should be next to the clarinet, in the a. • the principal will walk out to form the tip of the m. how should the instruments be positioned in each letter formation? solution to Knossos games 20.3 prevailing winds prevailing winds energy output: 13.5 units energy output: 15 units Tim Boester is an Assistant Professor in Mathematics Education at Wright State University. imagine 47

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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - March/April 2013
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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - March/April 2013