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Training is key offering at MACS 2016 "These are all factors in the level of service and competencies that shop customers will expect in the years ahead," Molla noted. He then cited several examples of modern shops integrating best practices in these areas to help them meet the future challenges that accelerating change is imposing. "Information is king," Molla concluded. "In the growing digital business environment, being able to provide customer service where, when and how they want it will be the differentiator. Expect to see ongoing consolidation in the industry - more multishop organizations, increas- 32 ACTION * April 2016 ingly specialized service, and the integration of alternative vehicle, ride-sharing, self-driving and other emerging trends. But most importantly, our industry must continue to collaborate in good faith. We need to work together as an industry to address the challenges of the 21st Century. That's how we will all move forward. That's also when our industry is at its best." One of the general sessions at the Mobile Air Conditioning Society's 2016 annual training event provided attendees with a regulatory update from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency spokesperson Rebecca von dem Hagen, the State of the Industry report from the Society's Technical Advisor Ward Atkinson, an overview of Jaguar Land Rover by Group Leader, Climate Control Systems Mike Hope, and a mobile air conditioning question and answer session with an OEM panel. The first three presentations are available for viewing by MACS members on the MACS website. Moderated by ASA Vice President Tony Molla, the panel was comprised of representatives from several automakers, in addition to von dem Hagen (EPA) and Atkinson (MACS). These included Mike Hope of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), Angelo Patti of Ford Motor Co. (Ford), Al McAvoy and Cici Gao of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), and Curt Vincent of General Motors Corp. (GM). ❆

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ACtion Magazine - April 2016
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ACtion Magazine - April 2016