Health Beat - Summer 2017 - 9

Tuxhorn met with Christopher Blair, D.O., who leads
the multidisciplinary orthopedic team at Salina Regional
Orthopedic Clinic, and he confirmed Tuxhorn needed a
knee replacement.
"I just wore it out. It was bone on bone," Tuxhorn says.
Blair performed the knee replacement surgery, and the next
day Tuxhorn was ready to go home and begin his recovery
program, which included physical therapy at Salina Regional's
Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic three times a week.
Blair says he is happy with the results. "We were able to
significantly restore his range of motion," he says.
For Tuxhorn, Salina Regional was the difference between
walking with or without a limp. "I feel like a new man, and my
limp is gone," Tuxhorn says. "I can go up and down stairs now
with absolutely no pain."
Although Tuxhorn waited almost a year before consulting a
doctor, Blair says most people share a similar experience and
say they wish they'd had joint replacement surgery sooner.
Dick Tews, who works part time at Citywide Self-Storage,
had been putting off having a doctor look at his hip. It had been
giving him pain for a long time, but, like Tuxhorn, he waited to
have surgery.
"I was driving down the street and heard Salina Regional
Orthopedic Clinic's commercial on the radio and decided right

Wade Tuxhorn did physical therapy at Salina Regional's
Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic after his knee surgery.

then and there to call and get an appointment," Tews says. "I
met with Dr. Blair, and I really liked him. He told me if I didn't
do something, there was going to come a time I wouldn't be
able to walk. I said, 'Let's do it.' "
Blair performed Tews' hip replacement surgery, and he
went home the next day, like Tuxhorn did. Tews also did his
physical therapy at Salina Regional's Outpatient Physical
Therapy Clinic.
"They do a great job there at the physical therapy clinic,"
Tews says. "They are also helping me rehab my knee in addition to my hip."
Blair says he is pleased with Tews' recovery. "He is walking so much better and has a much better quality of life," he
says. "At our clinic, we treat people the way people want to be
treated. Patients are treated as individuals. One size doesn't fit
all. We tailor our care to each patient's needs." 1

For more information about Salina
Regional's Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic,
visit or call
Christopher Blair, D.O., checks a patient's range of motion.

Salina Regional Outpatient
Physical Therapy Clinic
Salina Regional's Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic is conveniently located in the Salina Medical Arts Building
at 520 S. Santa Fe Ave. Physical therapists treat outpatients with traditional complaints of pain, weakness or loss
of motion and postoperative rehabilitation for all areas of the body, including back, neck, shoulder, knee and hip
issues. The clinic also specializes in occupational and sports medicine.


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