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LEttER fRom thE President T he ef f ect s of w hat s o me are calling the “great recession” continue to linger and are mirrored in the faces of our students, many of whom have been forced to come up with alternative ways of financing their education. Thankfully, Embry-Riddle has ridden the economic storm well, and has been able to assist many of our students and families who were hit hardest. Your history of giving to our university has helped sustain them. As of June 30, the market value of our collective endowment funds was $81 million. Giving to endowed scholarships and fellowships is strong. Gifts to these funds increased by 2 percent this way we will achieve our goal. Another is the developing ERAU Aerospace Research and Technology Park. With industry research partners and other universities we will focus on patent development, technology transfer, and company start-ups. Embry-Riddle is also expanding its doctoral programs. Our Ph.D. programs in Aviation and Engineering Physics are well subscribed. Our doctoral students have published 36 research articles to date. Consistent with Board approval, the university will also offer a Ph.D. program in Aerospace Engineering in the fall semester of 2013. In addition, the Human Factors department is conducting a feasibility study for a Ph.D. program in that area. Doctoral degree programs will complement the development of the Aerospace Research and Technology Park. This is an exciting time in the life of our university as we move forward to become an entrepreneurial institution. Quite simply, we wish to become the place where our industry turns for solutions to real world problems. Embry-Riddle would not be in this position of strength without you. Your heart for our mission, the industry we serve, and the aspirations of our students empowers our growth and vision for the future. With sincere appreciation, year, despite ongoing recession pressure. Additionally, eight scholarship funds reached endowment level, creating new opportunities for our students. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to our mission of educating tomorrow’s aviation and aerospace leaders. Contributions from corporations and foundations are experiencing growth as well. This is a positive reflection of the university’s new emphasis on developing corporate partnerships (see page 10). We look forward to augmenting philanthropy in this area. Just as important, we plan to expand our role as an industry partner. Historically EmbryRiddle has been a leading source of highly knowledgeable and skilled talent, and we will continue to fulfill this valuable charge. However, we also plan to use our unique expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and top-level faculty and students to become a critical business partner for and with the aviation and aerospace industries we serve. Such partnerships stand to increase our funded research base, offer enhanced learning and professional development opportunities for our students and faculty, and heighten our reputation as the leading aviation/aerospace university in the world. To get to this next level, we are broadening and deepening our research programs and corporate collaborations. Ignite, a university-wide initiative that incorporates knowledge discovery into all levels of our curricula and provides increased support for research activities, is one John P. Johnson, Ph.D. President and CEO g i v i n gto.E R A U.E d U p h i l a nth r o py r e p o rt 1

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Lift - 2012 Annual Report on Philanthropy
Letter From the President
Letter From the Associate Vice President
Fiscal Year 2012 Financial Report
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Lift - 2012 Annual Report on Philanthropy