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Feedback Dear Editor, I've been planning to start my own letterpress statioThe crowd nery line for a few years is more important now. But when my circumthan the funding. stances changed course, I thought I would have to shelve the idea for a later date. However, on a recent flight I read your article about Kickstarter ["Funded!" October 2014] and was inspired. I now have an updated business plan and a Kickstarter campaign happening as we speak! In the event the magazine wants to contribute-talk about coming full circle-you can get a letterpressed thank-you card (that you all helped bring to fruition) for only $5. LESSON 1 What does it take to win the crowd? Find out from the king of Kickstarter-Reading Rainbow's LeVar Burton-and other crowdfunding royalty. BY ADAM HUNTER & J.K . NICKELL PHOTOGRAPH BY GREGG SEGAL 66 SOUTHWEST OCTOBER 2014 SEPTEMBER 2014 SOUTHWEST OCTOBER 67 -L AUREN HUNT NEWPORT, RHODE ISL AND Well played, Lauren! TALK TO US Send your letters to 2811 McKinney Ave., Suite 360, Dallas, TX 75204, or email For comments or questions directed at Southwest Airlines that don't pertain to the magazine, please visit the "Contact Us" page at SouthwestMagazine @SouthwestTheMag #SouthwestMag @SouthwestMagazine #SouthwestMag -NANCY HUPP HOUSTON FOLLOW THE LEADER I love reading your magazine, and the October issue was no exception. The stories in "Dear Southwest" are not only touching, they are inspiring and just plain great! So much so that I would like to require my own organization to read them before an upcoming training session. They provide examples of how we should want our partners and customers to view us. -BILL BACA M O N R O E , WA S H I N G T O N We like the idea of spreading love Southwest-style, Bill. 28 SOUTHWEST DECEMBER 2014 CARING CRAFT While reading your September issue and particularly the article on "Aristotle's Book of Love," which details Southwest's techniques of caring, craft, and cause, I was reminded of the extra mile one of your employees took with me earlier this summer. As I was boarding a flight home I remembered I had left my sweater at the gate. One of your own asked me where I had been waiting and what color my sweater was. Before takeoff, the flight attendant brought me my sweater. These are the things that set Southwest apart from others, and I am so thankful for them. Keep up the good work. That's a perfect illustration of caring, craft, and cause, Nancy. A combination of sympathy, ability, and an idea of the greater good are the best tools to win customers' love. THE HEART IS REAL It was so nice to see your new logo and the article about it ["Straight from the Heart"] in September's issue. Reading about the company's principles and values was very interesting, and Mr. Kelly's words about how you designed the new logo were equally inspiring. But all that could have been lost if I didn't have the experience I had during the flight. It was the attitude of the crewmembers

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Southwest The Magazine - December 2014
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The Best Bartenders in America
The Best Bartenders in America
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Your Adventure In Oklahoma City
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Southwest The Magazine - December 2014