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BEHIND THE SCENES STARS in our EYES Get the inside scoop on singer Sara Bareilles and the original Captain Kirk BONUS VIDEO Go behind the scenes at the star locations seen in our new "California Dreamers" ad campaign to showcase California is always a lot of fun- especially figuring out who will get to appear in our new ads, since there are so many amazing people who capture the go-for-it, "anything's possible" attitude that seems to be part of any true Californian's DNA. It also gives us a chance to hang out with some totally cool Californians. Sara Bareilles is one of those people. Raised in California's northwest corner, her saucy breakthrough hit, Love Song, became the hummable hit of 2007, earning her Grammy nominations and headliner status. Getting the perfect shot took some doing, but Sara made it fun, riffing on her line ("People think Californians are just a bunch of dreamers. . . ") in between takes and putting it to her own tune. Not bad-our own miniconcert with Sara, the sun, and Hollywood all around. Other fun stuff happened while we filmed our ad- like our scene with William Shatner, who had to respond realistically to an explosion even though it was just a crew member yelling "Boom!" (The explosion would be added later as a special effect- we didn't want to blow up Captain Kirk.) Or our jetpack flyer skimming over the surface of San Diego's Mission Bay, or pro skater Bob Burnquist zooming on a half-pipe in the middle of Lake Tahoe. It's truly the stuff of dreams. On your next California vacation, we hope you get a chance to tap into what you see in our ad- the California magic that lets you dream, imagine, then make it real. More behind-the-scenes on our ad at 12 | VISITCALIFORNIA.COM MYLES McGUINNESS Dreaming up the latest http://www.VISITCALIFORNIA.COM

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