Momentum - February 2021 - 2

Sorry. Small or large, an opportunity you
missed is probably going to haunt you to
some degree or another later in life.
Paradoxical though it may seem, SAE
International offers its student members so
many career-boosting opportunities that it's
probably impossible for any of you to take
advantage of them all. Speaking for SAE,
we'll take the " blame " for that.
I consider it one of my more important
duties as MOMENTUM editor to make you
aware of SAE's large portfolio of student
Patrick Ponticel
member opportunities and benefits. That's
why every issue of the magazine highlights
at least a few of them. And so even before
you flipped through enough pages to get to this editorial, you
should have noticed a full-page listing all of the scholarships that
SAE offers. You should want to do more than notice them; you
should make it a task of yours to apply for one or more of them.
On the page immediately following this editorial, you'll find short
articles on a select few student member opportunities. We call this
page " Benefits U. " Get it?
One of the articles on the Benefits U page that I'd like to call out
describes the new Student Community within SAE's Member
Connection website. The student community provides a special
discussion forum for students only. The Student Community also
offers a list of volunteer opportunities and resources.
It's my hope-my mandate, really-to make every page of this
publication not only interesting, but of some practical value to at
least some readers. Another page of particular note is the one in the
Career Path section (toward the back of the magazine) that includes
an article offering career advice-usually from the first-person
perspective of a veteran engineer and SAE Member. In this month's
issue, Engineering Life Coach Gina Covarrubias has some valuable
I hate to send you off to some other webpage while you are
reading this article, but I must let you know about https://www.sae.
org/participate/membership/benefits/student. That webpage offers
a comprehensive list of benefits and opportunities offered to SAE
student members. I encourage you to visit the webpage (but only
after reading this issue of MOMENTUM!).
As always, I invite readers to offer advice about how to make
MOMENTUM a more interesting and useful magazine. Send emails to

*	 Become a MOMENTUM contributor by submitting an article. Add
that achievement to your resume. Send an email to momentum@ expressing your interest in contributing.
* Spread the word about this magazine to other engineering
students and faculty, and encourage them to join SAE today by

2 February 2021

Corey Dillon
Member Relations Specialist
Donna Edenhart
Director, Membership & Sections
Abby Hartman
Local Activities Specialist
Amanda Hildabrand
Membership Manager
Nicole Iorfido
Volunteer Engagement Manager

Patrick Ponticel
Editor, Member Magazines
Chris Whissen
Graphic Designer
Adam Santiago
Production Manager
Howard Ng
Digital Production Manager

Jeff Hemphill
Todd Zarfos
2020 President
Srinivasa (Sri) Srinath, PhD
2022 President
Susan Ying, PhD
Vice President - Aerospace
Ken Washington, PhD
Vice President - Automotive
Michael Weinert
Vice President - Commercial Vehicle
Andrew Jeffers
David L. Schutt, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Gregory L. Bradley, Esq
Pascal Joly
Jeff Varick
Rhonda Walthall
Joan Wills


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