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Available options on the
saw. " The Defender 4000 utilizes the fastest
camera available for the application with a
total processing time of 4 milliseconds. (Total
processing time means that the camera will
take a picture, analyze it, decide if the image
is good or not and tell the saw to stop-all in
.040 seconds.)
" A normal vision system's processing time is
somewhere around 50 to 100 milliseconds, "
Guynn says. " What I found was, at that speed,
when you move a hand in quickly towards the
blade, it may or may not catch it. "
Along with the camera's speed of
processing, the saw's exclusive visual
glove detection system detects a special
colored glove worn by the operator. Once
the camera detects the glove in a predetermined
zone, the system activates
the braking mechanism to stop the blade
immediately, greatly reducing unintended
or inadvertent contact with the blade. The
operator can wear cotton or rubber gloves
that are verified by the patent pending
detection system before every start up to
ensure proper personal protective equipment
(PPE) is being worn.
The Defender PC1500 Poultry Cutter utilizes
the same servo-driven braking mechanism
and a conductive glove detection system
without the vision system. Guynn says the
Defender PC1500 spins with significantly less
inertia, allowing the blade to stop faster. No
camera simplifies the whole unit.
" It uses the conductive gloves, just like the
larger Defender 4000 Band Saw. So, the
operator would wear the conductive gloves
and if the blade touches the conductive
gloves then it's going to stop, " Guynn says.
" Basically, it alleviates the operators from
Hollymatic Defender PC1500 Poultry Cutter
* right- or left-hand operation
* a stainless-steel servo motor
* interchangeable cutting tables
having to wear chain mail or metal gloves
or thimbles because it stops in under 8
milliseconds. "
Hollymatic's two Defender saws fulfill a
need in the meat and poultry processing
industry for the next level of safety. For
decades the industry viewed the dangers
of processing floors as the nature of the
business. Hollymatic's development of the
Defender 4000 and Defender PC1500, and
the adoption of new attitudes by companies
such as Tyson Fresh Meats, have begun to
shift those views and change that culture.
Band Saws and Poultry Cutters in the
processing industry possess many inherent
dangers and pose a serious threat to both
worker safety and food safety throughout the
nation's meat and poultry processing plants.
The use of saws to cut meat creates an
environment wherein the slightest misstep has
the potential for injury and the amputation of
fingers or hands.
The Occupational Health and Safety
Administration (OSHA) issued a California
processor a citation after an investigation
into an amputation revealed a guarding
violation had occurred. While cutting meat,
the employee neglected to adjust the guard,
which was just two inches above the product.
OSHA issued a Connecticut processor multiple

Safer Saws - Hollymatic 2022

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